All You Need to Know About the Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde is a phenomenon that can poorly affect all technical aspects of our lives. It can be a faulty gadget you need or fluctuating wifi while booking concert tickets. 

All in all, Mercury going into retrograde equates to disruptions in communications, technological affairs, information, and traveling. All in all, it is a good time to stay away from mailing someone. This is as there might be glitches in your laptop which cancel the delivery. However, if you are wary about the schedule, it is possible to keep some accidental occurrences at bay.


What is the Mercury Retrograde?


Mercury Retrograde is a common phenomenon. Rather it is an optical illusion through which we think that Mercury is moving backward. However, this backward motion is for all planets that might cut loose from the parent planet. This disassociation leads to faulty technologies, canceled plans, and misunderstandings as Mercury is the communicating planet. 


The Retrograde’s Effect on Health


If you feel sleepless at night and feel irritated by the morning, it is most possibly due to Mercury retrograde. You might feel anxious, angry, and negative throughout the day. There can also be drastic changes in your eating patterns as well as mood swings. Not to forget, Mercury retrograde also leads to technical errors such as your laptop malfunctioning. O course, these do’s and dont’s can solve the underlying issue of sleeplessness during the Mercury Retrograde.


What You Can Do


You can:

  • Distract yourself with soothing music and get some sleep when you feel comfortable. 


  • Set an alarm before going to sleep. That way, you shall be able to wake up on time and work with a calmer mind. 


  • Meditate and practice breathing exercises to soothe your nerves and feel more comfortable and calm. 


  • Keep social media at bay. Doing so can help you approach your days with a clear mind. Moreover, you can enjoy some free time without the intrusion of news from unpopular media houses. 


What You Cannot Do


  • Keeping away from gory or violent TV shows or movies during the Mercury Retrograde can help you go to bed with a calmer mind. 


  • Do not use sharp gadgets as they are prone to cut off your fingers and more. 


  • Keep minimal use of gadgets per day as they can be too overwhelming after a while. Instead, spend your time doing offline chores such as painting the stools pink. 


  • Keep news at bay as too much negative feedback can lead to a panic attack. 


How to Keep Self Safe During a Retrograde?


If you are carefully assessing your possibilities of safety during the Mercury Retrograde, these do’s and don’ts are for you:


What You Can Do


  • Try remaining patient throughout this period to reap only good benefits for your health. 


  • Purchasing backup plans and PCs can help you stay online when duty calls. 


  • If you are receiving various creative ideas, jot them down so you can use them after the Retrograde recedes. 


What You Cannot Do


  • Reschedule your meetings and appointments as much as possible to negate the negative aspects of the Retrograde. 


  • Try and slow down on your daily chores to make sure there are no errors in your work. 


  • Pay up the due payments and keep your book on all the due pays which can help our home more. 


In conclusion, Mercury Retrograde is a phenomenon that many eyes perceive as the planet going backward. However, it can be a jump-start for new and various other businesses. 

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