Ardra Nakshatra – Characteristics Of Male & Female!

The Ardra Nakshatra varies from 6.40 to 20.00 degrees in Gemini. It means wet or moist, & the symbol is a teardrop, that can either mean grief or renewal. This Nakshatra looks as one red giant star in the sky. Lord Rudra, the god of storms rules over this constellation. Hence, this star is a bag of mixed emotions and reactions. With Rahu as the ruling planet, it brings in chaos and confusion. Negativity, mishaps, depression and poverty are consequences of Rahu’s effect.

People born under this star may experience hardships to do away with old habits. It represents transformation through purging. One’s mental ability is linked to one’s

Emotion. They may have to face challenging situations but are quick to learn.

Ardra Nakshatra – Characteristics Of Male & Female!

Ardra Nakshatra

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Thus, the natives show emotions in extremes. Either they are very happy or unfortunate. Such people are analytical and depend on the reasoning for every situation. They like to know the cause and effect of every event. Hence, they tend to question every possible thing around them. Other behavioural traits of this Nakshatra include empathy and compassion. Therefore, people find them very endearing.

  • Meaning: Moist or wet
  • Ruling Deity of Rahu: Rahu
  • Lord: Durga
  • Symbol: Teardrop
  • Deity: Rudra, the Lord of Storms
  • Shakti (power to/of…): Effort
  • Caste: Sankara (Inter Caste)
  • Nature: The Sharp or Dreadful (Tikshna) or hard (Daruna)
  • Gana: Manushya Gana (Human)
  • VarahaMihira: Hair, scalp
  • Parashara: Ears
  • Rashi / Zodiac: Gemini sign (Mithuna)
  • Marriage: Auspicious
  • Translation: Ardra translates into moistness, greenery and freshness
  • Controlling/Ruling Planet: Rahu
  • Number: 6
  • Gender: Female
  • Names Letter: ku, kham, ja, chha
  • Lucky Letters: K, G, N, C
  • Lucky Stone: Gomedha
  • Lucky Colour: Green
  • Lucky or Favourable Numbers: 4
  • Common Name: Long Pepper
  • Astronomical Name: Betelgeuse
  • Botanical Name: Piper longum
  • Guna: Tamasic
  • Dosh: Vata
  • Element: Water
  • Bird: Andril
  • Yoni/Animal Symbol: Female Dog
  • Tree: Rakta Kadira or Krishna Kadira

Ardra Nakshatra Male Characteristics:

Males of this Nakshatra are intelligent and responsible. If you entrust them with a task, they do it responsibly. They do not have a problem with any type of work.

The natives have a great sense of humour. Hence, people always enjoy their company. They can keep guests and colleagues hooked to their conversation. Also, they are social beings and the life of any party.

The male natives have a strong intuition. They also end up being ethical counsellors and psychologists as well.

He maintains a cordial relation with almost everyone around him.

  • Profession and Related Areas

The natives are up-to-date on current affairs and general knowledge. Because of their excellent memory, they can learn new things but rarely benefit from them. They are full of empathy and compassion.

Males born under this star are quite the multi-taskers. They may tire out of one job too soon. Hence, they are good at multitasking. While most of us lose our calm in tricky situations, these natives are the opposite. They handle difficult situations with a calm and composed attitude.

The Ardra Nakshatra males have an aura about them, which earns them respect. The best time for their career is between the ages of 32 and 42.

  • Compatibility and Family Life

Males of this Nakshatra mostly end up marrying late. Even if they marry at an early age, chances are slim for a blissful life. Most of the complications may arise due to incompatibility. But despite all the obstacles in their married life, they endure it well.

Health and Well-Being

Talking of health matters, one needs to be cautious. They may get diseases that are difficult to cure. They need to exercise caution regarding heart and dental issues. They may also have asthma, hearing problems and dry cough.

Ardra Nakshatra Female Characteristics

Ardra females know their manners and are peaceful. They have sharp features. Again, they have a sharp mind as well along with being intelligent. Such females have the caliber to do well in academics.

However, they have the knack for finding faults in others, even for small things.

  • Profession and Related Areas

Ardra females bode well in education and academics. They are intelligent souls who dig science and arts. Also, they can make a career in scientific domains and research.

Women from this star may also end up as electronics engineers, consultants or pharmacists.

Ardra Nakshatra Female:

  • Compatibility and Family Life

Like her male counterpart, she also generally goes in for late marriage. But she cannot enjoy requited love and does not earn the affection of her husband or his family. Her married life will never be smooth, and even her children cannot become a source of happiness. It has been observed that in some cases, either her husband dies or she has to undergo a painful divorce.

  • Health and Well-Being

This Nakshatra female native has been noticed to suffer from menstrual problems, asthma, and problems related to blood, uterus, ear, nose and throat.

Ardra Nakshatra Prediction, 2020:

This year will open avenues to a lot of opportunities for you. Good things are coming your way. One can also expand their career and shape it the way they want.

Your social standing and image will improve, as well. Thus, your standard of life also gets better. You will want to lead a life that has purpose and meaning. Morally, you tend to be more woke and aware.

Moreover, one will also enjoy material comforts and possessions. Mentally, you shall have your peace. One will also expand their knowledge and wisdom. You gain more meaningful insights.

However, differences may crop up between you and your spouse. Hence, things may turn sour or affect your mind. So, it’s better to smoothen the crease in your relationship. This will prevent you from turning negative and throwing good things away. The more you avoid trivial things, the more you shall be at peace.

Ardra Nakshatra Padas:

1st Pada: The first pada of Ardra Nakshatra falls in Sagittarius Navamsa, governed by Jupiter. During this phase, there is curiosity and the desire to explore. Planets in this pada are relaxed but may be prone to material excesses. It is the calm before the storm and things do not look too rosy.

2nd Pada: The second quarter of this Nakshatra falls in the Capricorn Navamsa, ruled by Saturn. It signifies all kinds of material ambitions and frustrations. The negative qualities of this Nakshatra generally surface during this quarter. The storm has intensified here; therefore planets bring misfortune and problems.

3rd Pada: The third pada of the Ardra Nakshatra falls in the Aquarius Navamsa, ruled by Saturn. It signifies a scientific nature. The storm is at its peak and thus provides sudden bursts of inspiration and intense mental activity.

4th Pada: The fourth pada of the Ardra Nakshatra falls in the Pisces Navamsa and is ruled by Jupiter. It signifies sensitivity and compassion. There will be a strong urge to help underprivileged people. The storm has almost passed, and the atmosphere is pervaded by a growing peace, and the results during this phase are usually positive.

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