Black Zodiac | Dark Side of Every Zodiac Sign

Black Zodiac: As the name suggests, Black Zodiac refers to the dark and evil secrets of your zodiac. People who have an interest in discovering traits of their zodiac will take an immense interest in this article. 

Most of us usually read a horoscope or zodiac based articles, to discover the positive personalities of each zodiac. But every zodiac sign has both good and negative aspects. So, this article aims to unravel the dark or Black side of each zodiac sign. 

The black zodiac exists in the Western Astrological Zodiac. It has its origins from the Babylonian zodiac.

Black Side of Each Zodiac Sign:

Black Zodiac

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  • The Tyrant Aries (Mar21-Apr19)

Aries is the cry baby. Nothing ever matches their sense of perfection. For that, everything and everyone has to be the best. They are aggressive in nature and also in arguments. Their evil side stands out during confrontations or debates, as Aries tends to get uncomfortable when countered. Besides, they hate to lose. So, to win, they resort to any measures, even if that means being aggressive and ruthless. 

Moreover, they can get greedy at times. And to get what they set eyes on, they wouldn’t mind if others have to face the dire consequences. So, yes, it’s not wrong to call them selfish as well. Their immaturity and impatience often put them in others’ bad books.

  • The Fallen Demon Taurus (Apr20-May20)

The mighty bull can also exhibit some dark side. They have the fear of failures and broods about the bygone and dark times. The fallen demon suits people the best under the Taurus zodiac as they have the fear of falling or failing. But they need to come out strong from their failures.

  • The Hydra or Basilisk Gemini (May 21-Jun 20)

Geminis are dual nature beings. They can quickly reveal their other or dark side when provoked. The Basilisk or Hydra commands fear and people are scared of facing their wrath. Rightly so, because the dark Gemini can wreak havoc when people cross their patience. As long as they exercise it in the right place, they can command fear and both respect.

  • The Serpent Cancer (Jun 21- Jul 22)

The serpent stands for wisdom and charm. Cancers are like Snakes, they can manipulate others and bend them as per their wish or needs. People start to trust them because of their sweet nothings and charming talks, and then they exploit this trust as they wish. 

  • The War Maiden Leo (Jul 23- Aug 22)

Leo’s are a paradox in themselves and hence War Maiden suits their dark personality the best. While they try to bring out the best in themselves but through a pessimistic view or attitude. 

Leo’s can show their evil side when they don’t get the attention they want. They turn ugly when others steal their thunder. And hence, start creating conflicts for others. 

  • The Maelstrom Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22)

Maelstrom denotes as dangerous. Their fiercely loyal nature also demands an equally loyal response and energy. Virgos can be very dark when they are jealous or competitive. Their fiercely competitive nature and over-possessive nature brings the worst out in them.

Virgos are quite critical and often turn harsh when others choose to turn a deaf ear to their judgments. They always prefer the tides to move their way. And when it doesn’t, they can raise hell. When in love, their overly possessive nature can cause a lot of harm.

  • The Ravenous Libra (Sep 23- Oct 22)

Ravenous means having hunger or passion and wanting to discover new things. Libras have demons too, but tormenting ones. But these demons can also help them to become strong versions of themselves. 

They are selfish to the extent that they would rather see themselves prospering than others. And they can get their work done in order to win perfectly by using others. 

  • The Poisoned Dart Scorpio (Oct 23- Nov 21)

There are myriad forms of Scorpio. The Poisoned Dart exhibits patience but can be dangerous. Such people do their bidding and wait for the perfect time to take revenge. They strike you when you least expect it. Scorpios can get ugly when they sense accusations or when things are not in their favor. They say the harshest things to sting their opponents without a hint of remorse.

Once you lock horns with a Scorpio, it’s best you wait for them to regain calm. Because once they start arguing, they wouldn’t care to listen to your facts.

  • The Tempest Sagittarius (Nov 22- Dec 21)

Tempest denotes wind or tornado. In a similar way, Sagittarius is carefree and wild at heart. When it comes to getting what they want, they don’t care for anything else.

They also do not have a filter when they speak, hence, end up hurting others most often.

  • The Leviathan Capricorn (Dec 22- Jan 19)

Levithan symbolizes a huge aquatic creature. Capricorns are hard to understand and handle. People find them mysterious and different. And rightly so, as one only knows them from what the Capricorns want to show. They do not come out as themselves to a majority of the people they know. Their negative and gossiping nature can put them and others in trouble.

  • The Beast Aquarius (Jan20- Feb 18)

Aquarius can surprise you by what they think. No matter how good a friend you are to them, they would not let you get abreast of them. They act as beasts when it comes to acting on their emotions. When they want something, they can get pretty ruthless. They also find themselves superior to others and hence, they judge others quickly. 

  • The Sword Pisces (Feb 19- Mar 20)

The sword represents the hand of victory and success. They can act selfishly when it comes to benefit their interests. Also, they have no qualms being self-centered as long as things and people benefit them.

Their dark side is dominant when they try to tarnish the reputation of others and bring their image down to suit their vested interests or simply for the fun of bad-mouthing. 

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