Childhood Depression; Common Signs and Astrological Remedies!

Depression in children is a growing phenomenon and is a major concern for parents. However, childhood depression is different from the normal everyday gloom. If a child is sad, it doesn’t mean that he is depressed. But if the sadness or the irritable behaviour continue to persist, then it is a worrying issue. If the cranky behaviour comes in the way of normal day-to-day routine and affects the social well-being, then your child may indicate that he/she has depressive illness.

Low grades, break ups, high parental expectations, weight gain, substance use – these are some of the many factors that trigger depression and are the major teen issues. Parents, do note that depression is a serious mental disorder and is treatable too. Signs and symptoms of depression in children include:

  1. He may show Irritability or anger for most of the day.
  2. If he shows fatigue and a lack of energy
  3. If he becomes extremely sensitive to rejection
  4. Continuous feelings of sadness and hopelessness.
  5. Changes in appetite — either increased or decreased
  6. Changes in sleep pattern- either sleeping too much at night or too less. •
  7. Sudden emotional outpour, vocal outbursts or crying
  8. If he cannot concentrate on anything.
  9. Social withdrawal- Doesn’t want to hang out with anyone. Goes in to a shell. Reduced ability to function during events and activities at home or with friends. Feelings of worthlessness is a common symptom.
  10. Impaired thinking or concentration
  11. Thoughts of death or suicide


Moon, Mercury and Sun are responsible for governing our mind, wisdom and soul. All these planets have their own functions and significance. But if these planets are placed in bad houses like 6th, 8th or 12th, it can leave a very negative impact or can even give rise to depression. The fourth house stands for mental health, peace and comfort. Moon governs our emotions and if it is not placed right, it can lead to depression. As per Vedic Astrology, depression can be caused when the planets are badly placed in the house.

What can you do as a parent? Emphasize on the importance of good health in your child.

Promote the idea of a mentally sound well-being and that it can only be achieved by a good diet, enough sleep, exercise, and positive connections. Start praising your child for good behaviour on occasions. This helps in strengthening the bond and creating comfort. In future, your children would always walk up to you when they are in any given situation, if you make them comfortable with you.

Spend quality time with your kids. Make them feel loved and secured. They need a protective secured environment to feel less stressed. Keep your child busy. Encourage them to engage their free time in their hobbies or indulge in a sport. Help them identify and cope with their talent and skills. Emphasize on the child’s strengths. Let them display their physical or social creativity. Talk to your child more often. Be friendly to them. Stress on the importance of a positive and happy family. Also look for signs like if they suddenly talk about death, suicide etc. Do not diss their fears or insecurities or scold them when you notice these symptoms. It will help best if you seek professional help immediately.

Astrological Remedies:

If your Moon is badly placed, consult an astrologer to get remedies. Astrologers prefer to suggest Moon or Pearl Stone to get over it and make your Moon Stronger. You can get your child to wear it.

Ensure that your child drinks water in a silver glass

It is believed that drinking water in a silver glass helps to improve the placement of your Moon and make it stronger. Silver is the colour of the Moon and stands for your mental health, thus helping you combat nervousness or anxiety.

On your request, Mera Astro will help you to take the right measures for your child.

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