How People Deal with Heartbreak or Break Up Based On Zodiac!

Break-ups or heartbreaks are one of the most trying times in our lives. There’s nothing one can do but let time heal the cuts. Everybody reacts differently to a situation, so is the case when a relationship ends or you are going through a separation.

When a relationship ends, it hurts mostly because a person has become such an integral part of your life. It’s the routine that one misses the most – the morning texts, the sunday brunches or the movie nights – everything counts.

Break-up is a universal experience but there are countless ways that one deals with it. Not all split ups are mutual – sometimes one of the partners may want a closure that’s prolonged while the other partner may just want to move on. 

So, sometimes it’s just not the absence of a partner that one has to deal with in a break-up or separation, it’s also the way one chooses to leave matters as well.

Deal with Heartbreak or Break Up Based On Zodiac!

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Some people become vindictive, other’s drown their sorrows, some look for a rebound while others for therapy. 

The way we handle break-ups can be interpreted through our zodiac sign. Your zodiac reflects your personality, your mood and your core traits. The way you deal with situations in life can be figured out with Let’s find out:

  • Aries

The youngest sign deals with a heartbreak aggressively. They get mad at first when they go through a separation or a split. Aries are famous for their feisty energy and zeal. They would rather dump than being dumped. Impulsive as they are, they will quickly be the one to leave at the slightest hint of any tension in their relationship. Moreover, they cannot take rejection. So, in a bid to move on faster than their ex, they find their rebound only to regret it in the end.

So, an Aries first needs to calm down, think rationally and then channelize their energy into something productive. They are an ambitious lot, hence, it won’t be surprising to see them focus their zeal and anger into building a constructive career after a break-up.

  • Taurus

A Taurus is often found eating their feelings. They deal with heartbreak alone and quietly as they need to come to terms with reality on their own. Taurus hates change and therefore seeks to keep a long term relationship. Breakups are personal to them and if you have betrayed their trust, then they will break-up once they have unleashed their wrath. They tend to release their energy by taking up some form of art – writing, painting, cooking and healing on their own before they are ready to talk it out with others.

  • Gemini

Geminis are social butterflies. While Taureans prefer the comfort of home, a Gemini is the opposite. After a break-up, you cannot expect a Gemini to sit at home. They cannot heal staying cooped up at home. Geminis deal with a split by socializing and partying or meeting new people and networking. They would do anything to keep themselves distracted to dissociate themselves from the ache. And for a Gemini, there’s nothing that a night out with their friends cannot fix.

  • Cancer

Cancers are soft on the inside and are emotional fools. They get very attached and committed in a relationship. So, the effect of breakups is twice as much for the crabs. Dealing with a heart break often involves watching rom-com movies and wallowing in their sorrow. While they take a lot of time to heal, they are also romantics who give love another chance. Sharing their anger and sorrows after a split with friends over a movie is what a Cancer is often found doing. 

  • Leo

Leo’s love to be in love and in relationships. They would stick by their partner through thick and thin and would do anything to keep their relationship going. Most Leo’s by nature are proud. So, to protect their pride they would rather dump their partner before being dumped. This is just to satisfy their ego. Leo’s take it personal. So, after a break up, a Leo will flood their social media with tons of solo images or rather selfies of their night outs and fun times. They remove every trace of their ex from their social media. Self love is their way to deal with a heartbreak. 

  • Virgo’s 

Virgo’s as we all know are the most perfectionist of all zodiacs. They take heartburn very personally and it takes every ounce of their strength to move over. 

People born under this zodiac need a distraction or a new project to deal with separation from their partner. Virgo’s tend to over analyze things and would go over their break up in their head repeatedly till they figure out where they went wrong. Most of the time they need to distract themselves from the thoughts.

So, they will declutter their life, their closet etc and start working on a new project to channelise their creativity and pent up emotions. Some just need a fresh start. So, from decluttering to organising their cabinets, you would find a Virgo doing exactly that.

  • Libra 

Libras are just like their twin brother Gemini – a social animal. Libras believe in self care or pampering themselves after a bad break up. Moreover, they are quite the spendthrifts. A retail therapy or a shopping spree helps them to get over their disturbing thoughts. They don’t like talking about their split to a lot of people repeatedly. So, Libras are not the ones who would rant about their ex again and again. They would rather talk of their expensive purchase than a break up.

  • Scorpio 

Scorpios are known for their passion and vengeful nature. It’s hard to imagine a Scorpio to let their ex off the hook easily, if their ex is the one who betrayed them. Scorpios take years to move on from a heartbreak if they were seriously committed. They plan scenarios in their head to take revenge from their ex and to make them suffer for their pain. Scorpios are not the ones who forgive and forget. While they appear calm on the outside, things are not so rosy on the insides. Scorpions rarely break up in serious relationships unless their partner is cheating. And when they dump someone they deal with it aggressively and find a way to humiliate them. 

  • Sagittarius

People born under this sign are fun loving people and are brutally honest. More often than not Sagittarians do not involve themselves in a serious relationship. But when they do, they stick around. When dumped, they find a way to reconcile with their exes. They would do anything under the sun to woo them. But if they fail in winning them back, only then they would move on. As they are nature lovers, these people drown their sorrows travelling. This is how they deal with pain and heartbreaks.

  •  Capricorn

Capricorns are practical and mature partners. They do not commit unless they are sure of their feelings. After a breakup, they will take it harsh on them and will do everything to move on from their ex. They are extremists so they won’t hesitate to cut their exes completely if this is what helps them. Switching jobs, cities, meditating, art etc are just a few tactics in how they deal with heartbreaks. But slowly they do come to their senses and get back to their old self.

  •  Aquarius

Aquarians are friendly and easy going people. They commit to a relationship once they are dead sure of the future. If they are the one being dumped they handle it well on the exterior. They act mature and deal with it in a light hearted way. But the truth is far from being cool. In reality they are big blobs of mess. Aquarius are emotional people. So, to deal with it, they would run away from the social circle and find solace in music. 

  •  Pisces 

The Water signs are emotional beings. This doesn’t come as a surprise. Water signs feel emotions a bit too much. So, a Pisces takes breakups quite tough on them. It takes them a lot of time to move on and hence they would avoid any conflicts. If they are being dumped then they find it challenging to accept the truth. If they are the ones calling it quits they get nervous and break off vaguely. Either way, they tend to immerse their pain by stuffing their emotions with junk food and booze.

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