Effects of Rahu in the 12th House of Astrology

Rahu and Ketu are shadow planets as per astrology and we all are well aware of the fear it instills in our minds. Every house or planet plays an important role in the 12 houses of astrology. It is crucial to check the astrological placements in your house, so you can stay safe at all times. If Rahu is in the 12th House, it bears bad news. While Rahu’s impact varies with everyone, the outcomes can be over-taxing. 

Effects of Rahu in the 12th House of Astrology

The following are how Rahu’s effect in the the12th House can affect various aspects of your life:

Effect on Health

There are chances that you might face ocular ailments when Rahu is in the 12th house. Health will start deteriorating with a lot of chronic issues that shall be challenging to diagnose initially. Meaning, you might not be able to initiate any treatment when the body faces the problems. 

Effect on Finances

You might end up overspending during this time and incur an unseen loss of money. As this period can lead you to overspend, you might face long-term financial troubles. Effect on Professional Houses

During this time, you may feel demotivated to work. Additionally, your hard work might not result in anything profitable. Additionally, Rahu in the 12th house can also lead to lowered income from your profession. Hence, it shall be a challenging time to go forward in your career.


There are a few effective remedies for when you feel that Rahu’s positioning might be drastically affecting your life:

  • Make sure to take part in donation drives. Opt for donating black sesame seeds, black leather, and copper every Saturday. 


  • You can keep some fennel seeds in a red cloth bag and place them under your bed. Doing so can help bring in some luck and ward off the negativity. 


  • Clean your home’s roof and corners to allow more positive vibes into your home. 


  • Change your meals sitting down inside the kitchen. By doing so, you might be able to shimmer down Rahu’s effect in the 12th house. 


  • Pray. “Om Bhram Bhreem Bhrom Sah Rahve Namah” is a Beej mantra for Maa Durga. It is useful in keeping negativity at bay and reducing the effects of Rahu. 


In conclusion, the effects of Rahu in the 12th House can overturn your life. Hence, make sure to keep an eye on your health and wealth, and properties. 


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