Eighth House – 8th House in Vedic Astrology!

The eighth house in astrology is one of the most important ones among the 12 houses. The 8th house of the Kundli yields inauspicious results. Known as Aayu Bhav in Vedic astrology, it represents death, longevity, and unexpected incidents.

It represents accidents, injuries, and unexpected illnesses. One can also learn the manner and nature of death through the 8th.

Signs and planets associated with the Eighth House:

Eighth House

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Scorpio governs the house of longevity and Mars is its natural ruler. It exhibits traits like mystery, passion and possessiveness. The characteristics of Scorpio dictates the 8th. It is beneficial for planets like Jupiter and Sun. However, it is a weak house for Mars, Moon, and Mercury.

What are the areas that the House rules?

Many people may not be aware, but this house also reveals the wealth factor in one’s horoscope. The impact of the 8th house may cause many changes in terms of the growth of wealth. Losses, gains, profits from insurance, etc, relates to the 8th. 

When the position of the planets are unfavourable, expect anxiety and depression. Most of us may also undergo constant change and transformation. The transformation is inevitable in order to change and heal. Hence, this is also the House of transformation. 

 Furthermore, there are certain body parts of the 8th house governs. These are the reproductive system and the cologne. So, one must be careful in dealing with matters about the mentioned body parts.

Significance of the 8th House

When the position of the planets is favourable in the 8th house, natives may expect good fortunes. However, when the location of the planets is weak, expect malefic effects. One can say that hardships and obstacles are inevitable in this house. Hence, it is one of the most challenging houses in Vedic Astrology. People fall prey to a web of chronic illnesses, ruthless people, & unexpected things.

 It deals with one’s destiny and the highs and lows in their life. People cannot rule out their destiny and undergo situations that are a part of their fate. Hence, this house proves as a vital force in bringing about changes in one’s life. How individuals deal with hardships and trying times depends on the position of the signs and planets.

 Negative effects of the 8th

 When the planets are malefic, one’s lifespan may get impacted. One can expect chronic illness, mental anxiety and misery. One’s mental peace may also go for a toss. It also deals with issues revolving around money, addictions, separation &  death. There are also chances of involvement in criminal activities.  Misery may arise as a result of its negative influence. 

People may move away from material comfort and pleasures. And get stuck in miserable conditions. But the 8th represents the will to attain Moksha. It is the house of answering to higher voice. Moreover, it brings self-realisation for cleansing of the inner self and soul.

Transformation is necessary for healing. It also purifies your soul. The 8th is about healing and letting go of bad karma. 

The positive effects of the 8th

Similarly, when the position of planets is favourable, results are rewarding. There are chances of a longer lifespan, and defeating your arch-rivals. One’s psychic abilities are also at its peak. They take interest in metaphysical subjects. People get drawn towards subjects like paranormal studies, psychology science & maths. Moreover, they tend to outshine in their field. 

The eighth house represents the following points below-

  • Succesful marriage.
  • Compatibility of married couples
  • Death, injuries
  • Life span
  • Lottery
  • Loss of authority 
  • Ups and downs of life
  • Winning and losing
  • Accolades and fame
  • Hardships
  • Downfall
  • War and weapon

Future Prediction:

In mundane astrology, it influences things like natural catastrophes, death rates in a country, debts, import-export, taxes, deficits in budgets, etc. 

An individual may experience the bitter side of life. People may have to suffer sometimes it could affect their mind. Thus, the native leaves the material pleasures & turn to spirituality.

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