From Rose Day To Kiss Day, Here’s All You Need To Know About Valentine’s Week

Valentine’s Day is almost here. A smile immediately comes on the faces of the lovebirds with the start of the month of February. This is a week where love fills the air, all thanks to Valentine’s Week. Not just V’Day, but the entire week is full of days where we can see gifts and wishes being shared. But before February 14, people get excited every year to hear about the Valentine’s week date sheet that includes days like—Rose Day, Chocolate Day, Proposal Day, Pledge Day, Teddy Day, Hug Day, and Kiss Day. These days begin on February 7th and end on February 14th with the Day of Love, aka Valentine’s Day. For those who wish to express their love for an individual, it is a special opportunity. So better get ready.


There are 7 days preceding Valentine’s Day that couples and new age lovers celebrate it with great zeal. It’s a mushy week. People look up online for their love astrology for that week and even start taking notes to spice their live life to make the VDay a memorable one.


February 7th, Sunday: Rose Day


Rose day marks the beginning of the week long Valentine week. Flowers are the best way to capture and win your special someone’s heart. Therefore, on Rose Day people newly in love or already in relationships send roses to express their love and emotions. If you have your eyes on someone and you have been waiting to express how you feel a rose may be the ideal way to get their attention.


February 8 (Monday) – Propose Day


If you want to do away with the confusion and the ifs and buts about your crush then it’s time to go bold and say how you feel to your crush or love interest. Don’t hold back. If you both have feelings for each other but want to take this further Propose Day is the best day to come clean with your feelings. If already in a relationship, you can write a sweet poem or express through a digital card and propose to your sweetheart again.


February 9 (Tuesday) – Chocolate Day


Everyday is good enough to satiate your sweet cravings with chocolate. Pamper your loved one with a box full of sweet treats on chocolate day and share a chocolatey treat together.


February 10 (Wednesday) – Teddy Day


The fourth day of the week is celebrated by couples as Teddy day. One gifts their partner a cute plush soft toy or teddy to celebrate this day so that it reminds their partner of them in their absence. Teddy and mush goes hand in hand when it comes to sweet nothings in love.


February 11 (Thursday) – Promise Day


Promise day is celebrated to strengthen one’s bond or relationship by commitment. Couples promise each other something on this day that they plan to stick to forever. New age lovers make vows and sweet nothings to each other.


February 12, 2021 (Friday): Hug Day


The sixth day of Valentine Week is Hug Day which is observed with great zeal and love. We all need a hug at the end of the day to soothe us and make us feel love. On hug day give your sweetheart a warm hug to express your love and emotion. Nothing like the warmth of a hug.


February 13, 2021 (Saturday): Kiss Day


This day is one of the most awaited day of Valentine’s week. Kiss day is all about strengthening your relationship with your partner and sealing your love with a kiss. So, celebrate this day with your sweetheart and plan it in the best possible way for it to be a memorable day.


February 14, 2021 (Sunday): Valentine’s Day


Finally, the last and the most special day of this week is Valentine’s Day. Many people confess their love on this day for their special one. Celebrate this day with your crush or your partner in the most special way. It’s all about movie dates, dinner dates and a romantic cup of coffee with your loved one.


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