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If you are looking for the best astrologer in town then your search ends right here. You need not go from door-to-door or browse hundreds of sites filtering through profiles of numerous astrologers.


Internet and technology has changed every aspect of our life including the way we perceive and access astrology services. Countless people now seek astrology services online. 


A large portion of the population in a country like India believes in Vedic Astrology and is culturally rooted in it. For a meaningful forecast, people look to their planetary alignments and stars. The way people consult astrologers has evolved over time and is now best suited for millennials in the technological age. The popularity of astrology apps and websites is on the rise. People consult astrologers and tarot readers for advice on job, health, children, marriage, love, wealth, Vaastu, and any auspicious occasion.


There are various sections and sub-fields of astrology. Therefore various astrologers are proficient in more than one branch of astrology. You could find an astrologer who is adept at Nadi as well as Vedic Astrology. 


At Mera Astro, you get a variety of astrology services both paid and unpaid. From free daily horoscopes to detailed birth chart reports, you can seek consultation for any of your problems or concerns.


Is a delay in marriage bothering you or there is trouble in your marriage? There are various reasons why people approach astrology and its related fields for guidance. Through the world of astrology, numerology and tarot card reading, one can help predict the meaning of planetary alignments and the future circumstances. One can also learn of the upcoming bad times through the help of their planetary alignment in their birth chart. Planets have an important role to play in your life and situations. 


Astrology helps to unravel the circumstances and help you choose the right path and timely remedies to overcome the obstacles. Your natal chart or Kundali is the blueprint of your past, present and future life. 

You can consult marriage astrology experts, career astrologers,  health and marriage related experts etc at Mera Astro nationwide. Learned astrologers are available online to guide people willing to learn the insights through astrology. 


Renowned astrologers like Astro Ravishankar, Dr. Monica, Dr Ashok, Acharya Sandeep Shastri, Astro Manishankar, Varun Shastri, Tarot Ashima, Astro Devesh, Ramesh Khanna and a host of other astrologers make lives easier for you through their expert knowledge and guidance. 


Whether you are worried about your next job, your relationship or your health, you can ask any questions from the best astrologers at Mera Astro. 


The best astrologers offer their expertise in career report, marriage report, health and wealth report, vaastu advice, tarot reading, marriage report, etc. 


Apart from the paid services, the Mera Astro astrology app offers free services such as daily horoscopes, free kundlis, and horoscope matchmaking. It is your one-stop shop for a variety of astrology services, including customized horoscope reports,reiki healing, and astrology education. Users can create an account and call/chat with any astrologer/tarot reader of their choice, who are organized by name, experience, and fee.


Mera Astro has both a web presence as well as an app which can be downloaded from the Playstore. 

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