Hidden Mystery Behind The Number “786”

Numerology has come a long way, and the number 786 is slowly gaining traction in the theories of luck. You shall find the numbers present on banknotes, phone numbers, car plate details, and more. But first let’s discover the significance of numbers and numerology in our lives.

Hidden Mystery Behind The Number “786”

Importance of Numbers:

In today’s world, we can not imagine to survive even a second without the help of numbers. All the quantities and values are measured and standardized based on the existence of numbers. To think that there ever was a world where humans did not know the use of numbers, or worse, numbers did not exist is unimaginable. The invention of numbers literally turned our lives upside down and reshaped everything about the world. In fact, to most us, numbers seem so natural that it is hard to think of them as inventions that were literally created by humans and not naturally occurring on the earth. The naturally occurring patterns in the various forms of nature can be accessed and categorized only with the help of numbers.

Numerology: Numbers and Culture

With the widespread usage and application of numbers, they got entwined with every culture and became an intrinsic part of the same. An idea that did not even exist a few decades ago became the way of life for humans. People from every culture started accepting numbers in their regular life. This made numbers more than just a mode of interpreting patterns and determining quantities. In short, numbers became more than numbers. Few of the numbers started to be considered special, some were considered unlucky and some religious. Numerology came into being that started determining some numbers to be lucky for some people while being unlucky for others.

786 and the Mystery Behind It:

One such number that has become an intrinsic part of human culture is 786. This is considered to be a fairly popular number in the Indian subcontinent. It is said to be holy both for Hindus and Muslims. While people of most faith are unable to explain the reason behind this assigned holiness, Muslims do have a reason. 786 is believed to be a shorter version of the Arabic holy phrase “Bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim”. 

And as a sign of luck, it signifies protection against natural calamities, accidents, supernatural elements, and evil-doers. Now, what does 786 mean?

Well, it has two theories, belonging to two powerful religions, the Muslims and the Hindus.

Importance of 786 For Muslims:

According to numerology, the numbers of 786 denote Bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim, making the holy numbers in Islam culture. 

Various Muslims also use the numbers to state the term “Bismillah” in the name of Allah. Here, Allah as a term is the substitute of Bismillah, most widely popular in Indian and Pakistani Muslim cultures. 

Moreover, the name is best not written on Holy papers, and the one way to do so would be to denote a number to a term.  

Although the concept of numerology is prohibited in Islam, it is taken that people can attach numbers to all the Arabic letters to bring out the numerical for words. And as Urdu has 26 letters, similar to the English alphabets, the task is quicker. 

But the question is how did 786 come to be considered a shorter version of a holy phrase? 

There is a lesser known method of arranging Arabic alphabets. It is called Abjad or ordinal method. In this method, the Arabic alphabets are assigned a particular arithmetic value. When the phrase “Bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim” is broken down according to the arithmetic values assigned to its letters, it adds up to the number 786. 

Through this, each letter of Urdu receives an arithmetic value. And these numbers are between 1 to 1000. 

The arithmetic values are in order:

  • Baa: 2
  • Seen: 60
  • Meem: 40
  • Alif: 1
  • Laam: 30
  • Laam: 30
  • Haa (Small): 5
  • Alif: 1
  • Laam: 30
  • Raa: 200
  • Haa (big): 8
  • Meem: 40
  • Noon: 50
  • Alif: 1
  • Laam: 30
  • Raa: 200
  • Haa (big): 8
  • Yaa: 10
  • Meem: 40

The aggregate total would be 786 if we added all these numeric values. This is how the word “Bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim” is used as a numeric form of this number.

However, this theory is not something that has been mentioned in the Quran or followed from the time of the Prophet. This arrangement of the Abjad system was conducted much later, most likely during the ‘Abbasid period in the third century of Hijrah, following other Semitic languages such as Phoenician, Aramaic, Hebrew, Syriac, Chaldean etc. This was merely the tradition in India of some of our holy ancestors who chose to use the form of Abjad and came up with the number 786.Therefore, this number stands to be holy only for the followers of Islam who live in Indian subcontinent.

As for now, a major part of Orthodox Islam prohibits the usage of numbers for words as it is more of a taboo in the scriptures. Moreover, they feel that the numeric values of Allah or Bismillah cannot comprehend the greatness of Allah in the holy scriptures. 

For the Hindus:

In Hinduism or the Hindu culture, there are various theories for the number 786. 

For example, many believe that the numbers connote the term Trimurti or the 3 figures. And here, the three would be the Lords Vishnu, Brahma, and Maheshwara. 

In other theories, the numbers 7,8, and 6 add up to 21, which further shows 2+1 that equals 3. And number 3 is known as a lucky number for health, prosperity, protection, and wellness. 

Similarly, the Sanatan Dharma follows 3 Lokas in Hinduism, namely, Swarg Lok, Prithvi Lok, and Patal Lok.

Here, the most powerful number in Hinduism, 7, denotes the Swarg Lok or Heaven. And number 8, means the PrithviLok, or the Earth. Finally, number 6 is for Patal Lok or Hell. 

Moreover, according to the Vedic Dharma, 786 also has a strong relation to the term “OM.” And this has a connection to the Kabbalah. 

Now, as various theories suggest that the Kabbalists and Tantriks had a well-known bond, pointing at the proof that Hinduism might hold the responsibility of creating 786 in numerology. 

The numbers 786 play powerful roles in all religions and also acts as a symbol of good luck and well-being. Meaning, it can form a crucial part of everyone’s lives and their chakras, irrespective of their zodiac signs and other elemental strengths.  

The Controversy behind 786:

Because the holiness of this number is mentioned nowhere in Quran, some people consider it a blasphemy to hold 786 in the high position of holiness. It is also said that to convert a loft expression as “Bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim” into a mere number is foolish. Nevertheless, keeping aside the debate, numbers such as 786 has been and will continue to be an innate part of our culture.

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