Ketu In 7th House: Meaning, Effects, and Remedies

If you have been meaning to learn of the effects of Ketu in the 7th house, this article is for you. One occurrence that is often taken to be extremely inauspicious, is the placement of the Ketu in the 7th house. This unwanted placement is said to bring about an array of problems that include numerous health issues compounded by the loss of wealth.

 The Impact of the 7th House

Mercury and Venus are the two planets that are mostly associated with the 7th house. The native is supposed to be blessed with good health and incredible wealth when the Ketu is positioned favorably. Moreover, with a hike in wealth, the number of children the native has is also likely to rise.

Meaning of Ketu in the 7th House

All planets often interfere, with each having a major negative impact, just like Ketu’s placement in the 7th house. Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus placed together, allows the 7th house to exert its maximum influence. These planets hold the power to diminish the negative effects of Ketu (often completely).

 Effects of Ketu in the 7th House

  • Positive Effects
  1. Ketu, when located in a beneficial position, the natives are bestowed with rapid growth and incredible affluence. The pace of growth is so high that the native(s) reach the heights of their financial prowess, possibly as early as their twenties, which otherwise might take them up to 40 years to achieve.
  2. The good positioning of Ketu in the 7th house also ensures a dominant and influential social status.
  • Negative Effects
  1. In case Ketu has an unfavorable placement in the 7th house, natives will, unfortunately, experience harshness and hardships. Their lives will be punctuated by an array of hurdles and they will have to face the unexpected.
  2. The unfruitful placement also leads to a huge rise in discontentment for the natives and will never be truly happy from the core of their hearts, as long as the placement holds.
  3. Natives tend to form a negative outlook towards everyone and everything and become extremely hypocritical by nature. They also cannot sustain a long-term and healthy relationship.
  4. Natives will also be very unwilling to get married at an early age, leaving most of them unmarried until well into their middle ages.
  5. Natives are quite likely to witness the passing of a child, with in excess of one planet residing in the Lagana.


  1. Make sure that you are never abusive to another living being.
  2. You must never commit to something which you know you cannot fulfill.
  3. A “Saffron Tilak” on your forehead will work wonders.
  4. Ensure that you do not go near water bodies with great depth.
  5. Wearing gold can be beneficial for you. A gold ring and/or a gold chain is recommended.
  6. Never commit any acts of deception and/or treachery as it is bound to bring extreme shameful consequences upon you. Remain true to yourself and others and be respectful when you speak.

Ketu, placed in the 7th house, undoubtedly has a number of unfavorable effects. Ensure that you educate yourself on what the effects are so that you know how to counter them. The remedies given above will help you eliminate the negative effects to a large extent.

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