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Ketu Transit 2020 – Know its Impact, Date & Time

In Vedic Astrology, Ketu holds a special significance. It’s a mystic planet & a planet of spirituality. Ketu’s influence can be significant when it moves through the houses. Though a shadow planet, Ketu’s effects are malefic in 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th houses. But, the impacts are auspicious when Ketu is in 3rd, 6th and 11th houses. Both Rahu and Ketu are shadow planets and takes 18 months to transit in each sign.

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Ketu Transit – Date & Time 2020

Transit of Ketu Date Time
Libra To Scorpio Sep-23 12:52 PM

Here is how Ketu will impact while moving through different houses:

First House: With Ketu moving in the first house, natives may feel pangs of anxiety and mental stress. Hence, a lot of self-love is required to keep mental health at ease. Moreover, your health will see a dip as well. One should keep a check on their expenditure, as spending may increase. Furthermore, your marital life will face some turbulence. The air is rife with misunderstandings during this period. Again, not a favourable time to improve your social image & standing.

Second House: Expect financial losses when Ketu moves in the 2nd house from Natal Moon. It is an unfavourable period to stabilize your financial health. Chances of expenses going up are likely. Further, mental health will add to your worries, as well. The cosmic energy requires you to remain alert during this transit period. Meanwhile, avoid words that could disrupt your marital life. It would do you right if you stay away from arguments and keep your temper in check.

Third House: When Ketu is in the third house, one can expect a little relief from some quarters. Finances will improve along with an increase in income. Moreover, growth in career is on the cards as well. People who are studying can expect promising results. Again, a favourable period to get a job that you want.

Fourth House: With Ketu in the 4th house, expect some negative outcome. Exercise caution is required while driving. Meanwhile, matters related to money and finance will cause you mental stress. If possible, cut down on unnecessary expenses, trips or purchases. Again, property or land disputes may also bring bad news. Travels are not favourable during this period.

Fifth House: When Ketu transit to the 5th house, expenditure will shoot up. You are required to spend carefully. This period may also bring you inauspicious news related to children. Meanwhile, anxiety will surface and mental health may get affected. Switch to activities that calm your mind. Again, not an excellent time to make investments either. As a result of Ketu’s influence, money matters need to deal with caution. Don’t spend lavishly.

Sixth House: With Ketu in the 6th house, expect relief in your work life. People willing to start a business can consider this as a favourable period. Chances of making profits are likely. It isn’t easy to pull you down during this transit. Thus, your arch-enemies will also face defeat.
Moreover, you will make advances in your career as well. Moving on to health, you may need to be attentive towards your health. Maintain a proper diet and keep fit. Don’t be surprised if you are inclined spiritually during this Ketu transit.

Seventh house: Health issues will add to your worries. Ketu transit in the 7th house is not a suitable time for your health – both mental and physical. People may feel bogged down because of mental stress and ailments. Furthermore, marital life will go through a rough patch as a result of misunderstandings. Finances will need some organizing. Try and bring down your expenses and spending habits.

Eighth house: Ketu in the 8th house is not a favourable period. Health issues need your urgent attention. Moreover, your health remains fragile during this period. There could be chances of fever and body pain throughout the period. In another dimension, your mental health will suffer a setback as well. Lack of peace of mind may affect you, as a result of Ketu’s influence. However, you will feel attracted to the spiritual world, which will help you to remain positive. Also, one can expect to incur losses as well.

Ninth House: The impact of Ketu will not yield positive results during this transit. When Ketu moves into the 9th house, there are chances of financial loss. Again, not an excellent time to make any investment. Avoid any arguments or fights with your family, friends and peers. Furthermore, you could stress out on a lot of issues, which would affect your mental wellness. So, draw some boundaries that would ease your stress.

Tenth House: Wealth and finance may suffer because of Ketu’s transit into the 10th house. One can expect to lose out on favourable opportunities to expand their wealth. Furthermore, businesses can also suffer a setback during this period. However, people who are employed will have a good life during this period. Again, mental health may suffer, as well.

Eleventh House: There are chances of gaining from business and ventures. This is a lucrative period for people in businesses. Moreover, one can also start their own business during this period. When Ketu is in the 11th house, land and property deals may also pass through. Meanwhile, you will be content with your income and earnings. Meditation will also attract your mind and may prove as therapeutic. To sum up, this is a positive period.

Twelfth House: Twelfth house transit brings some bad news for the married couples. There could be trouble in paradise which causes a lot issues. Moreover, your finances may suffer as expenditure may increase. However, this period is favourable to develop spiritually. As a result of this, you will get the energy to cut down the negativity. People who want to travel to foreign lands should cut down on unnecessary expenses. Otherwise, you could suffer from losses.

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