Magha Nakshatra – Characteristics Of Male & Female!

The Magha Nakshatra varies from 0.00-13.20 degrees in Leo. The word “Magha” means power or wealth, representing good fortune and & inner strength. The planetary ruler is the shadow planet, Ketu, which signifies intensity and loss.

Magha natives tend to hold high power. Thus, they often shine at leadership tasks. The qualities like courage and hard-work come naturally to them. These natives also end up as wealthy and prosperous when they get the right opportunities.

The natives of Magha Nakshatra think on a deeper level and are intellectual individuals. They study everything in depth. Apart from being intelligent, they reflect wisdom as well. They lead with their knowledge and warmth. 

Magha Nakshatra – Characteristics Of Male & Female!

Magha Nakshatra

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Moreover, they earn the trust and respect of people because of their clear intentions. They don’t harbour hate and spite. Hence, people get drawn to them for their bluntness. 

People like them are not only truthful but also courageous to take a stand. They don’t appreciate people who manipulate facts to push their agendas.

They are loyal and loving to friends and family. It is difficult for you to let down the people who place their trust in you. 

  1. Translation: The mighty one
  2. Symbol: Palanquin the royal seat upon which the king was carried through his towns, royal throne room.
  3. Names starting Letters: ma, mE, mu, mi
  4. Animal Symbol: Male rat
  5. Ruling Planet: Ketu
  6. Nature: Rakshasa (demon)
  7. Presiding deity: Pitris – Fathers of Humanity guardian angels that give protection in the event of calamities.

Magha Nakshatra Male Characteristics

The male natives of this Nakshatra have a strong personality and sharp features. Such people may also carry a mole beneath their hands.

Magha Nakshatra males are ambitious and hard-working. They are religious and follow all rituals and ceremonies. Moreover, they give immense respect to elders and aged people. Throughout their life, they have opportunities to get fame and name. 

Other prominent traits are their soft-spoken and empathetic nature. Honest, free-spirited and happy go lucky – these are just a few of his positive characteristics, These natives are quick to apologize when their words or actions hurt others. They avoid drama and people who create unnecessary conflicts. 

Furthermore, they come across someone who has a profound knowledge in many subjects. And they also invest their time in learning & following cultural activities. These natives are too generous and indulge in may charity events. How can one not admire them?

However, despite their good qualities, they end up making enemies. Their arch-rivals will try to bring them down at any given opportunity. Hence, they should remain careful about their dealings.

  • Education & Profession 

The natives will belong to wealthy households. At the work front, they cannot do well mainly because they are not money-minded. Moreover, they are also blunt and straightforward. Hence, it can work as a deterrent for their growth. But they are sincere and slog hard to achieve their targets. Sometimes, these qualities can help him succeed but not as much. They shine in fields where they utilize their abilities to the fullest. 

Also, they create a harmonious and cordial bond with their colleagues, subordinates and superiors. There are high chances that they may change their line of profession or business. But once they take this call, they will abide by it. 

Family life: Most of the Magha born male natives will enjoy a happy and harmonious married life. He has to shoulder several responsibilities, to be more specific, the burden of his co-borns.

Health: He may suffer from night blindness, cancer if Saturn and Mars jointly aspect Moon in this Nakshatra or conjoin in this Nakshatra, asthma or epilepsy.

  • Compatibility and Family Life

The majority of the male natives shall have a blissful family and married life. While they have to shoulder many familial responsibilities, they do it with ease. It is not in their nature to complain or feel disgruntled because of their tasks. They are family and homely individuals.

  • Health and Well-Being

The male natives may have to make pointers concerning their health. They could suffer from night blindness. Hence, they should watch out for early signs. Other major diseases that they could experience are cancer, epilepsy or asthma.

Magha Nakshatra Female Characteristics

Moving on to the female traits of this Nakshatra, let’s take a look at what sets them apart? They have beautiful and attractive nature. Females born under the influence of this star are generous. But at the same time are also ill-tempered & argumentative. Moreover, they find peace in spirituality and helping others. 

They are fortunate to enjoy material wealth and comforts. Again, it is possible because they are excellent at work and personal life as well.

They walk on high moral grounds and have a lot of affection for others. Hence, they involve themselves in social activities. 

  • Education & Profession 

The women of Magha Nakshatra are well-educated and learned beings. They hold knowledge about the known and unknown subjects of sciences. Moreover, their wisdom also inclines them to move towards the creative field. Hence, they dominate the higher positions at work. 

But they may not do well in businesses, just like their male counterparts. 

  • Compatibility and Family Life 

The married life of the women natives are quite complex. Knowingly or unknowingly, they become the reason for conflicts between them and their in-laws. Hence, this leads to friction

with their husbands as well. They can enjoy a comfortable life if they tone down or work on this area. 

These natives also enjoy life with their children. 

  • Health and Well-Being 

Health matters may require the attention of the Magha Nakshatra natives. They are prone to get eye problems, hysteria, uterine trouble, blood disorders and jaundice. Therefore, one needs to look out for early symptoms to treat it before it worsens. 

Prediction 2020:

2020 is the year to ride high on emotions. This is a year where one could get emotional in many areas. The decisions they make could also come from a place of their feelings. Hence, it could affect your decision-making capabilities and make you weak. 

However, you could either gain or lose because of your overflowing emotions. Don’t hesitate to express yourself, as people who know you will understand.

Furthermore, one could also look for activities that bring pleasure. One must keep their temptation and desires in check. Otherwise, family and relationships may suffer.


1st Pada: The first pada of the Magha Nakshatra falls in the Aries Navamsa ruled by Mars. It focuses on will-power. Here, the throne is secured after the slaying of the multi-headed serpent Ashlesha Nakshatra.

2nd Pada: The second pada of the Magha Nakshatra falls in the Taurus. Navamsa ruled by Venus. The pada is focused on the king’s ascension to the throne. The emphasis here is on duty, materialistic organization and creating a good image.

3rd Pada: The third pada of the Magha Nakshatra falls in the Gemini Navamsa, ruled by Mercury. The focus here is on the pursuit of art and listening to the discourses of scholars. Knowledge and mental activities are paramount here.

4th Pada: The fourth pada of the Magha Nakshatra falls in the Cancer Navamsa, which is ruled by the Moon. Magha’s liking for rituals, ancestor worship and family pride is in focus.

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