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Mercury Transit 2020 – Know its Impact, Date & Time

Mercury Transit: When Mercury moves from one zodiac sign to the other, it’s called Mercury transit. It stays in one zodiac sign for a duration of 14 days. In Vedic Astrology, Mercury is known as BUDHA, which signifies cleverness.  The planet is neutral with all other planets but has bit off an enmity with Moon.

Mercury can yield auspicious results if associated with benefice grahas. Meanwhile, it can be unfavourable if placed with malefic grahas. The planet of communication, Mercury, is a key significator for knowledge, intellect & communication. Upon contact with Sun, it facilitates Budhaditya Yoga, which is good for education.

Mercury Transit: Date and Time 2020

Sagittarius to Capricorn 11:44 AM, January 13, 2020
Capricorn to Aquarius 03:02 AM, January 31, 2020
Aquarius to Pisces 02:34 PM, April 7, 2020
Pisces to Aries 02:43 AM,April 25, 2020
Aries to Taurus 09:54 AMMay 9, 2020
Taurusto Gemini 12:04 AM, May 25, 2020
Gemini to Cancer 03:41 AM, August 2, 2020
Cancer to Leo 08:36 AM, August 17, 2020
Leo to Virgo 12:11 PM, September 2, 2020
Virgo to Libra 05:05 PM, September 22, 2020
Libra to Scorpio 07:14 AM, November 28, 2020
Scorpio to Sagittarius 11:47 AM, December 17, 2020

Mercury Transit – Date & Time 2020

Mercury Transit: Effects Of the Mercury Planet

Significance of Mercury in Vedic Astrology:

According to Vedic Astrology, Mercury is born out of Moon and Jupiter’s union. Therefore, it carries the traits of both Moon and Jupiter. 

Mercury is a crucial significator for lawyers, business people, bankers, accountants, etc. The impact of Mercury is strong when placed with Virgo and weak when housed in Pisces. The planet also governs significant aspects of family life. Lung, skin, head and throat diseases are few negative impacts caused as a result of the transit.

The Results of Mercury Transit:

  • Transit of Mercury in First House: This transit is favourable for starting discussions. You can start any conversations and have direct communication with people. 

However, this period may also yield unfavourable results. Disputes or fights may arise because of arrogance—be careful with your words. You may lose out on precious relationships because of your spiteful comments. Mercury may also influence you to make unnecessary trips—thus leading to further losses in the future. 

  • Transit of Mercury in Second House- The second house represents wealth & personal finances. When Mercury moves through the second house, there are going to be both good and bad outcomes. 

You may earn through various channels of communication. This is a good period to think about your finances and ways to increase income. You tend to become practical and rational in all your decisions. A lot of potential ideas to increase your income will be on your mind. You would also attract the attention of other people because of your communication.

  • Transit of Mercury in Third House- This house governs communication and travel. During this transit, it is wise to be cautious of your enemies or arch-rivals. They may not have the best of intentions.

There are high chances of making new friends. You may be busy with your phone, meeting friends, socializing or spending a lot of time on emails. You are good with your words, so make the most of this time. But also be awry of scattered interests. Varied interests may exhaust your energy.

  • Transit of Mercury in Fourth House- Expect favourable results during this transition. This is a good time for you to enjoy monetary gains and accumulate wealth. Don’t miss out on any favourable opportunity. Along with material benefits, expect good outcomes from property related matters as well. Your focus will be on home and family relationships during this transit.
  • Transit of Mercury in Fifth House- One may feel restless & impatient during this period. Disputes with family or friends will hamper your mental health.

This transit will build your interest in intellectual and emotional topics. Due to the impact of Mercury, one may experience ego and pride. Remember, excess of everything is harmful. Temptations and greed may overtake your thoughts. 

  • Transit of Mercury in Sixth House- This period is favourable for many. You will be more focused on your work and health. Paying attention to your health will help you recognize early signs.

When Mercury transits to the sixth house, it brings in both positive and negative results. Fame, success and monetary gains from business. 

  • Transit of Mercury in Seventh House: When Mercury transits in the seventh house, it can be a trying time for you. Physically and mentally, you will exhaust yourself.

Family animosity or feuds will create unnecessary tension. This period may make you weaker. So, you may experience physical ailments & suffer from anxiety. The transit in the 7th house also sees a rise in losses from travel and business. Take care of any pending government paperwork. 

  • Transit of Mercury in Eighth House: A favourable period to receive good news and income. Friends and family will keep you in high spirits. This transit signifies wealth and success. Your children will bring you happiness as well. Social standing in society will also rise.

Popularity and respect will increase for you. People will get drawn towards you during this period. You are likely to be more aware of your surroundings and carefully make decisions. However, it will be good to pay attention to your health.

  • Transit of Mercury in Ninth House: Mercury transit in the ninth house is not a favourable period. You would remain stressed, worried and anxious. Bad news could be coming in from all quarters,  It’s not a good time for making any significant decision. You may also expect to fall ill during this period. Hence, you should pay attention to your health.

Be careful at the workplace and watch your words. Avoid getting into any conflict with your superiors or colleagues. 

  • Transit of Mercury in the Tenth House: This period spells nothing but a good time for you. You would have positive thoughts throughout this period. The impact of Mercury will be beneficial at work front. Colleagues and superiors will recognise your hard work and talent. You will succeed with flying colours in everything you do. So, a good time to accomplish all your goals.
  • Transit of Mercury in Eleventh House: Transit of Mercury in the 11 house will prove to be favourable. Expect financial growth from various channels. Opportunities are ripe for making extra money. Property or land deals would be beneficial for you. You would have a harmonious relationship with friends and siblings. The transit will bring nothing but good news for your health.
  • Transit of Mercury in Twelfth House: The transit in the 12th house would yield negative results. Your expenses would increase due to unfavourable circumstances. It is wise to keep away from legal matters. Do not indulge with your enemies or in any conflict, This period would help you focus on your work. 

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