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Moon Transit 2020 – Know its Impact, Date & Time

In Vedic Astrology, Moon occupies a central role out of all the Navagrahas (nine planets). Moon represents or signifies the mind and emotions. Moon remains in each zodiac for 2.5 days and takes 28 days to complete its one rotation.
Transit of Moon yields favorable results when placed in the 1st, 3rd, 6th and 10th house. The remaining houses, the moon transit, brings negative outcomes. Chandra or Moon is a watery planet & has an important role to play in our daily feelings. It affects our temperament and mood.

Moon Transit – Date & Time 2020

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Here is how Moon affects you while transiting through different houses in the chart

First house: With Moon in the first house, natives may expect auspicious results. They will reflect a happy mood and remains content. You could amass wealth during this transit. Your work and efforts will get rewarded and you can reap its benefits. Furthermore, cupid could strike as well, so love is definitely a possibility. You could find yourself in a romantic relationship. Also, your health will remain steady and stable, as well. People who are planning on settling down may expect good prospects.
Second house: With Moon in the 2nd house, natives may expect some unhappiness. It is futile to expect emotional support from your colleagues during this period. Again, not a favorable time to show your argumentative side. Hence, stay away from petty fights and confrontations. Furthermore, you may expect to remain annoyed throughout this transit. You may face a financial crunch too, thus, be cautious of your spending.
Third House: Moon Transit in the third house influences you to be brave. Enemies or rivals will have to face your wrath if they try to bring you down. This period is all about favorable results. Hence, your health matters will improve along with your relationships. Moreover, you will have the support of your friends and family. Your boss may shower you with praises as well.
Fourth house: Moon in the fourth house is not a favorable time. You can expect some hiccups in your work and other pressing matters. There could be an unexpected rise in expenses. Therefore, you need to control your spending. Moreover, not an excellent time to make profits out of any investment. You could be staring hard at all your losses. Furthermore, your health also may decline. Thus, exercise caution. Moving on, you tend to get emotional as well during this transit. Therefore, do not make any hasty decisions based on emotions alone.

Fifth House: The 5th house transit will not be a promising period. Your work may suffer and you may feel dissatisfied with your work. Hence, your reputation among your colleagues could get affected. Your health needs attention, especially problems related to your stomach. Therefore, keep a check on what you eat. During this period, one may feel the pressure of seeking career counsel as well. So, do not resist that urge. It may end up doing you good.

Sixth House: A favorable time for the natives. Moon transit in the 6th house brings good news from all quarters. Success, name, and fame will kiss your feet. Moreover, your face exudes a glow because you are content. Meanwhile, health will remain stable. Money matters will improve and ease your tensions. However, you could run in trouble with someone of the opposite gender. But, your ill-wishers will face defeat. Couples can expect to have a gala time. Domestic life will remain harmonious.
Seventh House: With Moon in the seventh house, prepare for auspicious results. Singles will connect with someone promising, while couples will strengthen their bond. There is a spark and it is definitely unmissable. Married couples will enjoy a loving relationship, as well. You may increase your income too during this period. Meanwhile, a good time to expand your social connections. Travel may be on your mind during this transit. So, act on it.
Eighth House: Moon transit in the eighth house will usher in an inauspicious impact. Your health will be affected the most. During this period, you need to be careful about your wellness – both mind and body. Moreover, do yourself a favor and steer clear of fights. Chances of anxiety and stress levels heighten during this time. So, focus on positive thoughts to thwart off negative energies. Rash driving is not advised as well, as there are chances of a minor accident. Hence, safety measures are a must for you. People waiting for career growth, results could get delayed due to the influence of the Moon. Thus, you may face hurdles in your career.
Ninth house: When Moon’s placement is in the 9th house, the outcome is negative. Firstly, the relationship with your father could get disrupted. Thus, to avoid any confusion, try not to argue during this period. Secondly, your work life is also affected. Delays could affect your progress as well. Thirdly, you could face body issues like pain in hips, thighs and legs.
Tenth House: You may expect favorable results during this transit. At the work front, there are high chances of a promotion or increment. Your dreams are big and your growth as well will meet your expectations. People who want to start a business can consider it now. The results will be in your favor. Your outlook remains positive towards all things. An excellent time to carve a niche for yourself. Fame could follow. Expect support from friends and family. Moreover, your wealth management skills will come in handy. Expect to amass wealth during this period.
Eleventh house: With Moon in your 11th house, prepare yourself to relax and enjoy. Monetary matters will improve along with income. Moreover, you could get rewarded with a pay hike or bonus amount for your efforts. Business people will enjoy profits as well. For the natives of this house, friends and family are their sources of happiness. Your energy and vibes are difficult to put out. People who do not wish well for you will have to face defeat.
Twelfth house: The transit of Moon in the 12th house will yield unfavorable results. The natives could undergo emotional stress and face health problems. Thus, issues related to eye and tensions, stress, and headaches will surface. Moreover, your relationship with your partner will hit rock bottom. Hence, stay away from unnecessary discussions. You can also expect your expenses to shoot up. Therefore, control your extravagant desires and curb your spending habits.

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