Palmistry – Significance of Palm Reading and Major Lines!

The study of the Human Palm is also more commonly known as the art of “Palmistry”. In this, one mainly observes the shape of a palm, along with its colour, the lines present on it and also the length of the fingers protruding from the palm. It is believed by many that Palmistry allows you to determine whether one will have good luck or bad luck in the future. It is their belief that through the use of Palmistry, they will be able to learn about their own lives and understand themselves a bit more. 

Palmistry – Significance of Palm Reading and Major Lines!


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A Brief History About Palmistry

The origins of Palmistry cannot be traced back to just a single country. For example, there are a number of Mural Relics littered across the face of India, which let us know that Palmistry was quite prevalent in ancient India. However, Palmistry also has a long and rich history in the country of China. It is well known that more than 3000 years ago, since the rise of the Zhou Dynasty(1045 – 256 BC), Palmistry has been used widely in China. The first time that Palmistry was carried out in a systematic manner in China, was during the advent of the Western Han Dynasty(206 BC – 9 AD).

The Four Aspects indicated by Palmistry

  • Innate Conditions – The resources that one will own and/or the state of the resources one already owns, can be hinted at through Palmistry. Palmistry can also indicate your family background.
  • Status of Work and Life in general – The state of your relationships, be it at work with your colleagues, or how your relationships with your family members and friends will fare can be known by using Palmistry.
  • Physical State – This is one of the major reasons why people choose to opt for Palmistry. It is widely believed that Palmistry can tell you how your physical and mental health will be in future.
  • Fate – Palmistry places a lot of importance on how your fate is going to be, whether your luck will take a turn for the better or worse and the type of consequences you will have to face.

The Five Major Lines

  1. Life Line – Also known as the “Earth Line”, it extends around your thumb and is supposed to be reflective of your Physical health and vitality.
  2. Wisdom Line – Also known as the “Human Line”, it extends from the center of the thumb and index finger to the other side of the palm. It reflects the mentality and personality of a person.
  3. Love Line – Also known as the “Heaven Line”, it starts from beneath the little finger and continues till the index finger and reflects a person’s Love Life.
  4. Fate Line – This one moves from your wrist to the middle finger and is also known as the “career Line”. The fate of a person’s career and fortune is reflected by this line.
  5. Marriage Line – This is the shortest line of these five, stretching between the little finger and the Love Line, and reflects how a person’s romantic relationships(including marriage) will fare.

Palmistry’s Minor Lines:

After the major lines the minor or secondary lines are next in the order. Let’s find out more about it. 

Depending on the features of the hand, such as its form, mounts, and adjacent lines, the minor lines may reflect different things. These lines are studied to give knowledge about the desires, capabilities, limitations, and secret abilities of the indigenous person. Moreover, these lines appear to be very faint in many situations.

However, one should not get too obsessed or lost to reading their palms to decipher their personality or future. Take guidance and lessons from experts. 

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