Purnima Dates 2020 – Know it’s Importance and Significance

Purnima Dates 2020: In Sanskrit, Purnima means full moon night. As per our Hindu calendar, Purnima or Poornima occurs once every month. It denotes and stands for prosperity and wealth.

Several festivals or events in Panchang coincide with Purnima as it is a holy and auspicious day. Hence, as per the Hindu calendar, the 12 festivals are aligned with the full moon day because it is a very important day. Paush Purnima, Holi, Hanuman Jayanti, Magh Purnima, Buddha Purnima are just a few of the festivals coinciding with full moon night.

On a full moon day, the Moon is at its brightest and symbolizes the end of darkness. 

Purnima Dates 2020 – Importance and Significance

Purnima Dates 2020

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Many people also perform Satyanarayan Puja on this day. 

Interestingly, the Hindu month also ends with this as per the Purnimanta calendar system. When the day ends The Hindu calendar is known as a lunisolar calendar when the lunar month completes or ends on the full-moon day.

When the lunar month ends on the day of the full moon, then the Hindu calendar is called a lunisolar calendar called Purnimanta or Purnimanta. Other popular names are Pournami, Pournima, and Puranmasi. 

While all Purnima days are of great importance, Guru Poornima has its special place in the Hindu Lunar calendar.

Guru Purnima or Vyasa Purnima is dedicated to our gurus, our mentors. 

Purnima fasting and rules:

Devotees worship either Lord Vishnu or Lord Shiva after taking a bath before sunrise.

It is also ideal to fast throughout the day starting at sunrise and ending when you see the Moon.

It is a day full of blessings and abundance. 

Purnima Vrat Dates in 2020:

Purnima Tithi – Start and end date, time
Jan 10, 2:34 am – Jan 11, 12:51 am
Feb 08, 4:02 pm – Feb 09, 1:03 pm
Mar 09, 3:04 am – Mar 09, 11:17 pm
Apr 07, 12:01 pm – Apr 08, 8:04 am
May 06, 7:45 pm – May 07, 4:15 pm
Jun 05, 3:16 am – Jun 06, 12:42 am
Jul 04, 11:34 am – Jul 05, 10:14 am
Aug 02, 9:29 pm – Aug 03, 9:28 pm
Sep 01, 9:39 am – Sep 02, 10:52 am
Oct 01, 12:26 am – Oct 02, 2:35 am
Oct 30, 5:46 pm – Oct 31, 8:19 pm
Nov 29, 12:48 pm – Nov 30, 2:59 pm
Dec 29, 7:54 am – Dec 30, 8:58 am

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