Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra – Characteristics Of Male & Female!

The Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra varies from degrees 20 Aquarius– 3:20 Pisces. Its meaning translates to as auspicious one. The ruler is Jupiter, and thus, the natives are intelligent beings. 

Its deity is Aja Ekapada — a one-footed serpent, horned goat, or a unicorn. 

Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra – Male & Female Characteristics

Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra

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Key traits of the natives are sincerity, discipline and determination. Again, they are known for their hard-work and rationality. People born under the influence of this Nakshatra are practical and stable. Their appeal lies in their mind. The natives are focused and know what they want out of their life. 

Moreover, simplicity is their motto. Luxuries and material wealth do not appeal as much to them. Also, Purva Bhadrapada nakshatra males can adapt and deal with any situation. No matter how tough a job is, they are mentally strong to overcome them.

Furthermore, the natives show strong spiritual inclination.

  • Number : 25
  • Gender: Male
  • Translation: The latter one who possesses lucky feet
  • Symbol : Two back legs of a bed or funeral cot
  • Animal Symbol : A Female Cow
  • Presiding Deity : Ahir Bhudhanya
  • Ruling Planet : Saturn
  • Nature : Manushya (human)
  • Dosha : Pitta
  • Guna : Tamasic
  • Element: Ether
  • Disposition: Fixed

Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra Male Characteristics:

Life is sweeter with simple living and high thinking. The natives of this Nakshatra precisely follow this mantra. They live a disciplined life and have their own set of principles, which they follow strictly. Hence, when people flout the rules, they have to suffer. They take a more diplomatic stand than taking sides.

Such males prefer peaceful living. Hence, they stay away from people and situations, which can cause conflict. They are sensitive and emotional. Even the smallest of things can hurt them. Hence, one needs to deal with them carefully.

While they help the underprivileged and the needy, they do not get love in return. Meanwhile, they are pious and observe daily rituals for their puja. 

  • Education & Profession 

The natives are intellectual and will do well in any profession they choose. They have the potential to show their skills in business as well.

If they choose to serve in the government, they will rise steadily and can expect to earn from sudden promotions and hikes. 

Meanwhile, the period between the ages of 24 and 33 shall provide them with great opportunities for progress. But one can also expect mental stress now and then.

The period between 40 and 54 years will turn out as the most beneficial. It is the phase where they can earn their golden ticket to glory. Everything about them during this period is grand. They shall secure riches and worldly pleasures.

Furthermore, the natives are capable of establishing their independence financially as well as socially. However, one should keep a check on their expenditures as well. Excess of anything is bad.

The most common areas of profession are banking, business, teacher & government services. Other jobs include that of an actor, writer, researcher or astrologer.

Moreover, natives of this Nakshatra can also establish themselves in the revenue department. 

  • Compatibility and Family Life 

Chances of the male natives getting love and support from their mothers are rare. Many learned people cite various reasons for this. The most common one being working mothers are unable to pay full attention. 

Meanwhile, fathers of these natives can earn fame and success as a result of planetary positions. But, on many occasions, the natives and their fathers find themselves at loggerheads with each other—the reason being differences in opinion, which leads to conflict.

  • Health and Well-Being

The natives of the Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra will suffer from many health issues. The most prominent ones are paralytic attack, acidity and diabetes. They may also complain of problems in the ribs, sides of his abdomen and in his feet.

Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra Female Characteristics

Beauty is one of the many qualities that define the females of this Nakshatra. One can remember them for their sincerity and hard work. They ride quite high on their moral values & principles as well. And they follow the right path at any cost. No wonder people like them earn the admiration of all and sundry. Moreover, they maintain their optimism at all times. 

Females of this Nakshatra are born to lead. They display leadership & managerial qualities. The women natives can get the work done efficiently. Thus, they do exceptionally well when they have power and authority. 

Another essential quality that defines these natives is their humanitarian nature. However, they shall only help when they are sure that the receiver deserves kindness and generosity. 

  • Profession and Related Areas 

Women of the Purva Bhadrapada take an interest in science and technology. Therefore, they earn from professions like a teacher or scientist or researcher. Other similar fields are astronomy and astrology through which they can earn.

  • Compatibility and Family Life 

The women natives of the Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra shall enjoy a blissful marriage. They are fortunate to get the affection of their husband and children. 

While they are pro at work, they outshine in managing their home as well. 

  • Health and Well-Being 

Talking about health matters, the women of this Nakshatra may face some minor health issues. These include liver issues, pain in the body and low blood pressure. 

Hence, paying attention to diet and health can bring down health problems. 

Prediction 2020

The year 2020 is a year that brings mixed results. Things may or may not be perfect, but there is always hope. Again, it is a year that brings out your enemies. Therefore, one should take any decision only after consulting their elders. People may pose as your well-wishers but may only cause you harm. Your arch-enemies will try to bring you down as well.

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If you are making less money than you expected, use this reason to work hard towards your goals. Moreover, refrain from falling prey to debts or taking loans. Unless it’s urgent, do not take loans as you could struggle to repay it later. Hence, there is no point in adding further strain in your pocket.

Furthermore, happiness from marital life remains average. 


1st Pada: The first pada or quarter comes in the Aries Navamsa. Mars governs this pada and its influence determines one’s primary traits. People may show signs of mental aggression more than physical aggression. Thus, the focus lies on taming their temper. Otherwise, it can hamper their goals.

2nd Pada: The second pada of the Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra falls in the Taurus Navamsa ruled by Venus. Here the emphasis is on expressing themselves. The native is energetic as they are prone to physically showing the dark side of their nature.

3rd Pada: The third pada of the Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra comes in the Gemini Navamsa. It is ruled by Mercury. The natives pay attention to communication. They show signs of curiosity in many matters. Again, their humorous side comes out in this pada. 

4th Pada: The fourth pada of the Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra falls in the Cancer Navamsa ruled by the Moon. Here, the natives’ focus can be too dangerous, as they manifest the aspects of both the persecutor and persecuted. These natives are compatible with the natives of the other three padas.

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