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Rahu Transit 2020 – Know its Impact, Date & Time

Transit of Rahu

Rahu’s presence the most powerful planet in Vedic Astrology. Unlike the physical planets visible to the naked eye, Rahu is a shadow planet.

During Rahu transit, the planet stays for 18 months in each sign. Hence, the impact of Rahu makes up an important astrological event.

With Rahu in your horoscope, there is an increased desire to accumulate material wealth. The influence of Rahu on us depends on it’s positioning. When placed in 3rd, 6th and 11thhouse from Natal Moon, expect positive outcomes. Similarly, when Rahu spends time in the remaining houses, expect inauspicious results from all quarters of life.

Rahu Transit: Date and Time 2020

Gemini to Taurus 08:06 PM, September 19, 2020
True Gemini to Taurus 07:38 AM, September 23, 2020

Rahu Transit – Date & Time 2020

Rahu Transit

Let us read in detail about Rahu Transit’s influence in our life:

1. Rahu in the first house: During this transit period, a lot of problems are faced by natives. While a financial loss would be aplenty, your health will take a back seat as well. In addition to this, you would feel restless throughout the period. There will be a mental stress for you as well.
2. Rahu in the second house: When Rahu is in the second house, you would get a financial setback. There are chances of trouble in paradise as well. Not all would be well between you and your sweetheart. Meanwhile, your expenses would increase as well. So keep your check on your spending as well. Also, it is best to stay away from any negative influence. Unnecessary arguments or heated discussion could cause you losses. Don’t make any hasty decisions as well.
3. It’s time to feel positive again. With Rahu in the third house, things would be falling back into place. It’s a good time to get your life back on track. If you have any pending legal matters, expect good results. Natives of the house will also enjoy financial success as well. Additionally, you may also be promoted at your work. There will be ample opportunity to increase your social standing in society. You would also see a rise in your determination skills. This transit could turn out to be a celebratory one for you.
4. The transit in the 4th house would bring in bad news from all quarters. This is a time to be extremely careful. Not a good time for dealing with property or land issues. Also, take care of your mental health as you may face many problems. Another place of concern would be your mother’s health. It is advised to recognize any underlying issues at the nascent stage. There would also be a possibility of a place of change for many.
5. Rahu transit in the fifth house does not paint a rosy picture at all. Grief and stress would overshadow your thoughts. However, this period could prove beneficial for your career. There will be opportunities for you to grow and expand. But your love and married life could suffer. So, not an excellent time for any romantic adventures. Confusion could cloud your judgement in most matters adding to your list of worries.
6. There are chances of amassing wealth during Rahu transit in the sixth house. If you have been planning to grow your income for a while, now is the time. So, roll your dice to win and grow. Business deals or matters would also bring you profits. Luck is by your side in legal matters as well. Also, prepare yourself for getting fame and recognition in the society.
7.  When Rahu transits to the seventh house, financial losses are on the rise. Money related matters would be your priority now. You could lose out on wealth as well. Rahu also impacts your relationship with your colleagues. Misunderstandings or miscommunication could do a lot of damage. Sit back and think before responding. Again, marital life would also suffer a setback during this transit. Married couples should consider their relationship and improve it. In addition to this, health problems would prevail. People from different religion could have a profound impact on you now.
8. The transit in the 8th house doesn’t yield auspicious results. The natives could suffer from health issues that would need immediate attention. An underlying fear could grip your mind and keep you occupied. Also, there are high possibilities for you to face humiliation. So, avoid indulging in the futile discussion that could make you look like a fool. Mental stress and anxiety are at the forefront now. Expect good news to come out of the blue.
9. The transit in the 9th house produces a positive outcome for the natives. Your spiritual senses reach a peak during this period. For students who want to pursue their higher education, it is a good time.  You could pursue higher education in a foreign land. However, expect a loss of income or money throughout this period. Don’t indulge in any arguments or confrontations. It could turn ugly and strain your relationships. Again, this is an unfavourable period for your parents as well.
10. Rahu in your 10th house is a bag full of positive and negative outcomes. You could be relieved of your financial worries as well. This period would prove beneficial for your income house as well. Meanwhile, you would have a harmonious relationship with your peers. Your professional life would improve a great deal. However, mental issues could reign and bring you down. Insomnia could cause you sleepless nights leading to fatigue. Health should be your priority now.
11. Things start to get slightly better with Rahu transit in the 11 house. Expect profit in income and wealth. There could be opportunities to increase your income. Chances of a foreign trip are on the cards. Also, your family life will bring you immense happiness. Your status in society would also get a boost.
12. A favourable time for natives to settle abroad when Rahu is in the 12th house. Financial growth would be stagnant during this period. While your self-esteem would increase, but with it, you could get overconfident too. Thus, overconfidence could cause you many losses and get you into trouble as well. Try to be humble and down to earth. But, against all the odds, you would still fight and come out just fine!

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