Rahukalam Yamagandam & Varjyam Dates in 2020

The period of Rahu known as Rahukalam is an unfavourable period every day which people consider inauspicious to carry out a new venture or business.

According to Hindu Astrology, the period of Rahu Kaal lasts for 90 minutes throughout the day between sunrise and sunset.

Unlike the physical planets visible to the naked eye, Rahu is a shadow planet. And in Hindu belief, people fear this planet the most.

Rahukalam Yamagandam & Varjyam Dates in 2020

People in South India place a lot of importance on Rahu Kalam and adhere to the dos and don’ts of this period. Setting up a new property, business, buying a new house, trade, marriage proposals, launching a new shop, etc will bring bad results. Hence, people avoid this muhurat to a great extent.

However, if you already started a task before Rahu Kaal, then you can continue it during the period. It won’t affect your journey or task.

Also, as per Vedic Astrology, Rahu is an evil and inauspicious planet. Any puja, hawan, etc offered or done during the Rahu Kaal period will not yield positive or good results. 

Hence, when experts calculate Mujhurats, they avoid this period for any auspicious tasks. 

Vrajam is the inauspicious time of a given day. Rahu Kal depends on the timing of the sun rising. It is one of the eight segments of the day. These eight segments are calculated further by taking the total time and dividing it by eight.

However, the Rahul Kaal or Rahukalam or timing is never the same for two different locations. The timing of the sunrise and sunset is different in different zones and varies. So, people calculate it by taking the time of the sunrise into account of the given zone.

Rahu Kalam Dates 2020 October:

01 October 2020, Thursday 13:39:49 15:08:55
02 October 2020, Friday 10:41:29 12:10:23
03 October 2020, Saturday 9:12:41 10:41:23
04 October 2020, Sunday 16:35:11 18:03:40
05 October 2020, Monday 7:44:40 9:12:56
06 October 2020, Tuesday 15:05:16 16:33:20
07 October 2020, Wednesday 12:08:52 13:36:43

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