Reiki: Find Out How Reiki Can Benefit You?

Reiki uses the universe’s energy to heal you. The primary purpose of Reiki is just not to provide support to our bodies but also pave way for a positive mind.

It’s the process of natural healing that churns the chi or energy inside you transforming into emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. The process stimulates deep relaxation that helps people to cope with mental stress. The energy generated during a Reiki session sends mild tingling, warmth, coolness, and other sensations to your body and you start feeling light and fresh.

However, in some cases, the person may not have any sensation. Reiki should be practiced only in front of a trained practitioner or master. Usually, a session is of half to one hour in duration. The Practitioner will take a short case history before discussing treatment options.

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Let’s find out how Reiki can benefit you?

Stay fit and healthy:

Reiki works by generating positive energy that flows through you and helps to infuse the healing power. Usually, a Reiki session would take place only after the master knows about you, especially the health issues you may be suffering from. A Reiki session can be beneficial for curing migraines, backaches, irritable bowel syndrome, or any other such complications. It gives relief from mental stress, strain, and agony. Reiki also helps you to overcome your insomnia and other sleeping disorders.

Makes your focus strong:

As the energy starts flowing through you during a Reiki session, your mind and soul open up. Reiki master helps to churn energy into your chakras– the centre of spiritual power in the human body–in balance. Your focusing ability and senses would start getting enhanced once the chakras are balanced; it opens a different perspective towards life. You gradually begin to explore and understand the importance of various aspects of your life. This enables you to develop a strong focusing power.

Gets rid of bad karma:

 Reiki helps you to understand the universe. The bad karma gives birth to the problems that you face like depression, anxiety, and other physical issues. Reiki masters can remove the blockages by directing the energy of the universe through himself or herself, and into you to cleanse these negative energies in you.

Removes stress:

Reiki can help you to eliminate the stress that is often the main reason for most of the physical and mental stress. The master during a Reiki session would churn the energy within you and send you to a relaxing mode that could be a trance-like situation. After the session, some people become aloof, some turn sad and even cry their hearts out. This is due to the release of negative energy.

Unleash Your creativity:

 When you are in a Reiki session, the proper flow of healing energy removes all kinds of energy blocks in your mind and spirit to help you unleash your creativity.

Makes You Spiritually Aware:

 Reiki treatments often lead to spiritual growth by helping your spirit be at peace. Hence, you feel emotional tranquility that isn’t easily disturbed. This transformation is essential if you seek a greater truth. This gives rise to awakening.

Reiki is fast catching up with people from all walks of life as the entire world today needs relief from stress, strain and negativity of daily life. It is healing through infusing positive energy. Ensure you meet a good and trained master. On your request, Mera Astro can arrange a Reiki session with our in-house Reiki Practitioners for you





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