Revati Nakshatra – Characteristics Of Male & Female!

Revati Nakshatra is the 27th of the Nakshatra. It is the last of the Nakshatra and hence completes the birth cycle of the stars. 

  • Translation: The wealthy.
  • Symbol: A drum.
  • Names start with : daE, dO, chaa, chee.
  • Animal Symbol: Female elephant
  • Ruling planet: Mercury
  • Nature: Deva (god like)
  • Presiding deity: Pushan – the nurturer protector of flocks and herds is invoked for safe travel.

Revati Nakshatra – Characteristics Of Male & Female!

Revati Nakshatra

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Revati translates to being wealthy and stands for prosperity, riches and success. People born under the influence of this star have a generous heart and are always up for helping people. Moreover, the natives carry a positive outlook towards anything in their life. Being the last of the Nakshatra, it has the ability to guide the natives. 

As per Vedic Astrology, Mercury is the planet of Revati Nakshatra. It’s symbol is a drum which represents learning, safe travelling and wealth. The presiding deity for Revati Nakshatara is Pushan – the saviour of herds and flocks.

Revati Nakshatra Male Characteristics:

Ambitious and career oriented are the right traits to define a Revati male. Men born under the influence of this Nakshrara have good oratory skills and are well-spoken. Dedicated, committed and driven by a passion to excel are their key qualities both at work and in personal life. Moreover, they are also sensible and careful about the words they use while talking to someone. They wait for the right circumstances to convey their message so that they don’t end up hurting people. 

Another trait about them is their knack for getting attached to people easily. They only trust people who they are close to. 

Meanwhile, they love their freedom and independence. So, when someone tries to navigate their life, they detest it. 

  • Profession and Related Areas 

One peculiar thing about the Revati males is their impulsive nature. They take up or agree to things or work roles without careful deliberation or judging their ability to handle them. Therefore, they end up disappointed when the task or project blows in their face. So, the male individuals should consider the pros and cons before jumping into anything.

As they are fascinated by science and theory, they make good careers in the scientific fields. Astronomy, culture, historical research etc are their areas of expertise and they make good money out of it. 

Moreover, if these natives focus on their dreams and desires they can achieve it. But they need patience and strong determination. Up to the age of 50 their life will have their share of ups and downs. But after that period, success will come their way. It is not difficult for them to overcome any hardships thrown their way. 

  • Compatibility and Family life

Sadly, the male individuals seldom get the love and benefits from their near and extended family. The father’s love and affection is a hard thing to achieve. Their relatives too don’t act as their pillar of strength or support. Hence, the possibility of reaping any benefits from their close ones is null and void. 

But the male natives shall have a happy married life. They will share a good compatibility with their spouses who adjust and adapt to their lifestyle. 

  • Health and Well-Being

Revati males have a lot to achieve in terms of their health. Their poor health remains a matter of concern for the natives.

Further, they are prone to illnesses such as stomach ulcers, fever, ear problems and dental issues. Hence, keeping a check on their health may help them before  anything severe comes up. 

Revati Nakshatra Female Characteristics

Confident, strong and bold are just a few characteristics of the Revati females. Therefore, they are also dominating and tend to have an upper hand in most situations – at home and at work. It is difficult to defy her. 

But these women are also superstitious and will observe a lot of rituals and religious practices. They are god fearing and hence it comes to them naturally to do anything to please the gods.

Therefore, they have an orthodox approach towards life. 

  • Profession and Related Areas 

Women natives do well in education and in their professional life. They also have high chances in proving their mettle in fine arts or mathematics. They have the knack for doing well with numbers. Also, they can venture  into the realm of politics, diplomats or as public relations administrator. They would outshine in these domains. 

  • Compatibility and Family life

Don’t we all want a loving and devoted partner? Well, these females are lucky to have caring spouses. Their husbands will spoil them with love, affection, comforts and luxury. However, they may face minor issues with their in-laws but with time things will ease out. So, overall a happy marriage life is on the cards. 

  • Health and Well-Being

Revati female borns may have to revisit their underlying health issues in order to avoid major problems. They may suffer from stomach, feet and ear issues. 

Prediction 2020:

Not every risk you take is worth your time. So, avoid taking major risks in your career and personal life. Don’t try to switch your line of profession too much just to try and see how well it can turn out. Things may not go as you plan. 

Meanwhile, while there are high chances to gain monetarily, you may need to cut keep a check on your daily expenditures. If one is not careful then you may have to end up paying lengthy bills which you cannot afford with your income. So, don’t take financial risks as well. 

Furthermore, the natives should communicate politely and avoid conflicts. Don’t rush into saying anything without calculating your words properly. Failing which, you can land in trouble. 


1st Pada: The first pada comes in Sagittarius . The mighty Jupiter governs this pada. Jupiter influences the natives to develop a positive outlook towards your life. Also, one practices generosity in their everyday life.

2nd Pada: The second pada comes in the Capricorn Navamsa. Saturn is the ruler of this quarter. One can  expect the natives to declutter and organize their  life. This is indeed a refreshing change as well.  Also, the individuals steer clear of taking any risks. 

3rd Pada: The third quarter comes in the Aquarius Navamsa. This pada has Saturn as it’s ruler. of the Revati Nakshatra falls in the Aquarius Navamsa ruled by Saturn. Here the focus is on being compassionate and sensitive to the pains of others, and do everything to help them.

4th Pada: The fourth pada comes right in the Pisces Navamsa. Jupiter governs this pada and hence the natives are likely to day dream and live in their own dreamland. It is wise if they watch their tendency to listen to anyone and act according to others.

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