Saggitarius Man and Saggitarius Woman Love Compatibility!

Saggitarius Man and Saggitarius Woman Love Compatibility: Sagittarius is the 10th sign of the zodiac and belongs to the fire element. People born between November 23- December 21 are Sagittarius. Fire signs are all about zeal, passion, and energy. Hence, these natives exhibit tremendous strength and vigour. They are a curious lot who believe in seeking out the truth. In travel too, they seek to learn and expand their knowledge.

People born under this zodiac are also bitten by the travel bug. It sets their mind and spirit free. Besides, travel is like soul searching for them. Thus, they are one of the biggest travel junkies among all zodiacs.

Free-spirited, easy-going, vibrant and independent are just a few personality traits.

Saggitarius Man and Saggitarius Woman Love Compatibility:

Saggitarius Man and Saggitarius Woman Love Compatibility:

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When it comes to rating the compatibility between Sagittarius-Sagittarius matches, it would be a 10/10. As they share the same interests and have similar nature, both the partners blend beautifully together. They hold the same values and have similar convictions. Moreover, they challenge and stimulate each other for good. Another reason for their strong compatibility is their nature to resolve things amicably. A Sagittarius man would not dismiss the views of his partner and vice-versa. During conflicts, they happen to come to a mutual agreement and makeup quickly. No grudges are worth enough to spoil the relation, for them.

Two Sagittarius partners come together to create magic when they fall in love. Moreover, they fall head over heels in love. So, yes, it is a relationship full of commitments and dedication.

Sagittarius-Sagittarius Sexual Compatibility:

The sexual compatibility between this match is intense but can die down soon because of their nature. A Sagittarian can be involved in a casual relationship if emotions are not involved.

Pros and Cons of Sagittarius and Sagittarius Compatibility:

  • Pros In a Sagittarius-Sagittarius Relationship:

Sagittarius are people who are independent and have great regard for humour. Life without humour for them is no life at allwell. Hence, they make a good match for people with similar interests and ideologies. Sagittarius-Sagittarius relationship thrives well because of their inherent nature. Both partners see similar dreams together. Moreover, they love travelling and adventures. Hence, the relationship strengthens over time because both of them take the time to do exciting activities together. Also, they discuss and debate on intellectual and current affairs topics. So, theirs is one of an adventurous and intellectual relationship at the same time. It is nurturing.

Nobody has to pretend or impersonate somebody else to get the attention of their partner. Sagittarius likes to stay clear of lies and manipulation.

  • Cons In An Sagittarius-Sagittarius Relationship:

Apart from the positive aspects, there are many downsides as well in this relationship. Sagittarius is very straightforward and does not hold back their thoughts. Sometimes, they speak without any filter and it can cause immense harm in their relationship.

Besides, Sags are impatient and have a hard time dealing with certain things. They fail to think rationally and sometimes fail to keep their word.

As they have an inclination to lead a carefree life, two Sags in a relationship may shrug off their responsibilities. They tend to act carelessly.

To sum up, two Sagittarians in a relationship will show immense love and care at the start. But they need to work towards it otherwise the spark will fade out soon. Their shared interests and values keep them rooted and humble together. Hence, there are very fewer chances of disagreements.

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