Saturn and Karma, Are They Linked?

One of the major questions circling karma is, “Are Saturn and Karma linked to each other?”. Individuals often tend to confuse their karma with their planetary movements, leading to the common misconception that Saturn and Karma are both related. 

Saturn referred to as “SHANI”, is the Lord of Karma and his placement in your birth chart is a reflection of what you need to learn in this life. 

Also, it is believed that Saturn knows what is right for you, and by placing various obstacles in your life, he will teach you valuable lessons and help you see things in perspective. 

So let’s take a look at what Saturn and Karma are and how they can have an impact on a person’s life.

A Brief Overview of Saturn

Saturn is taken to be the son of the Sun(the universal ‘Soul’) and the shadow of the Sun’s wife. Legend has it that not being able to bear the Sun’s heat, his wife snuck back to live with her parents and take a break from marital duties. She left her shadow behind so that the Sun didn’t notice her absence. Saturn was born as the ‘love child’ of the Sun and the Shadow(commonly termed as “Chhaya”), but he was not accepted by the Sun, as the Sun felt betrayed when he learned of the whole truth. The Sun forced Saturn to leave the house, thus igniting a deep-rooted hatred in Saturn, towards him.

 A Brief Overview of Karma

That said, the Sanskrit word “Karma” refers to the action and natural consequences are a result of all actions. Pious activities may accrue good karmic credits, allowing you to attain a higher birth. However, when your pious credits get exhausted, you fall back to earth again. According to the Bhagavad-Gita karma can have three categories :

  • Karma – That which elevates.
  • Vi-Karma – That which degrades.
  • A-Karma – That which creates a no good nor bad reaction, thus leading to liberation.

 Relationship Between Karma and Saturn

Saturn is often termed as the planet of hard work, justice and discipline, meaning it can have both auspicious and inauspicious effects on your life. It has the cosmic “Lord of the Rings” around it, which tends to be “cruel”, in order to be kind. Saturn, often dubbed as “Father Karma”, first breaks you down to your bare minimum and then makes you pick up the heavy weights. Since Karma is reflective of a person’s humanity, you should lead a happy life, if you have a good Karma. However, despite having good Karma, you might fall into spots of bother, in case the placement of Saturn is not suitable in your horoscope.  

Perspectives of Saturn Retrograde to Improve Your Karma

Saturn Retrograde has five different perspectives that will better your Karma –

  1. Maintaining discipline is of utmost importance during Saturn Retrograde.
  2. During the time span, just take a proper ‘Time Out’. Reflect on all of your actions.
  3. Once you are done reflecting in your actions, renew, correct your mistakes, renew again and finally repeat the whole process.
  4. Be confident enough in yourself to embrace your past.
  5. Ensure that you sow a lot of good Karmic seeds.

Saturn will always encourage you to go beyond your limits, but it also holds the power to reward you in several ways. There is a lot to benefit from as well. 

It helps you master your body and mind, so that you become strong and peaceful. Saturn can create unfavourable conditions, making us feel unloved and neglected and it’s in these moments, we connect it with Karma. Saturn was always a ‘Karma-driven’ planet. Retrograde periods simply ensure that your karma gets a clean chit.

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