Saturn Transit in Capricorn in 2020: How It Will Affect You!

Saturn Transit in Capricorn 2020 is a crucial moment in astrology, as well as all our lives. And that is as it also has effects on all other 11 Houses of the star chart. Saturn is considered as the most important & beneficial planet in astrology. 

Also, Saturn (Shani) is a powerful planet and we all know how people fear it in the astrological world. Shani is the punisher and God of Justice. It delivers results to all based on their karma and thoughts. Besides, it is famous for being intolerant of illicit activities, wrongful deeds, etc.

While Saturn is the slowest moving planet, yet it is the karmic facilitator in Vedic Astrology.

As per Astrology, Saturn is the planetary ruler of Capricorn, which reflects or stands for punctuality, responsibility, commitment, and balance in daily lives. The strength of Saturn helps to improve and synchronize a lifestyle with wiser choices. 

Moreover, Saturn’s transit in Capricorn not only has its effects on this zodiac but as mentioned above, all other signs. Let us today, check them out:

Effects of Saturn Transit in Capricorn In Each House:

Saturn Transit in Capricorn

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Saturn Transit in the 1st house – Capricorn 2020

This transit shall be taking place in the House of Ascendant, or the 1st House for the zodiac sign. On 23 January 2020, Saturn will exit the Sagittarius Sign and will initiate its transit to the Capricorn Sign. 

Saturn Transit 2020 in Capricorn will be one of astrology’s most sought-after topics in the coming months. 

However, it will have a very significant effect on all moon signs, and for 2.5 years it will continue to benefit or impact an individual. Moreover, Saturn transit in Capricorn brings good results for the Capricorn moon sign. Saturn’s 2020 transit in Capricorn is a positive sign for this zodiac as this moon-sign shall be entering its Sade Sati phase. 

So, even if you feel overwhelmed by the burden of work, you can effectively complete your chores. 

The effects of this transit are:

  • Increase in popularity or fame. 
  • Positive outlook towards everything around you. 
  • Better luck in confidence.
  • A chance of new relationships.
  • Profitable business transactions.

Saturn Transit Effect on  2nd house – Sagittarius 2020

Jupiter rules the Sagittarius zodiac, and it is the 9th zodiac sign. Moreover, the 2nd House or the House of Wealth will be under Saturn’s transit of the Sagittarius moon sign. 11th may 

The effects are:

  • Loss of money.
  • Problems in communication. 
  • Problems in examinations. 
  • Issues in professions. 
  • Domestic issues. 

Saturn Transit Effect on the 3rd House – Scorpio 2020

Saturn’s transit in Scorpio occurs in the Third house or House of Siblings. The House of siblings or the 3rd House of the Scorpio zodiac moon will add in a boost of confidence, communication, courage, domestic happiness, and more. 

Additional effects shall be:

  • Travels.
  • Chance of boost in wealth. 
  • Confidence and encouragement. 
  • Opportunistic moment. 

Saturn Transit Effect on the 4th House – Libra 2020

The Saturn transition on Libra takes place on its 5th House or the House of Property, Family, and Relationships. Libra is a sign of synchronization and patience. Meaning, you shall receive a lot of proper help in legal matters if you wait a while. 

The effects of this transition are:

  • A change in your profession. 
  • Governmental help. 
  • Your parents’ health and wellness. 
  • Domestic expenditure. 
  • Domestic problems.

Saturn Transit Effect on the 5th house – Virgo 2020

Virgo’s 5th House, or the House of Intellect and Academic Knowledge. Now, the effects on Virgo are quite the opposite of what Virgo stands for, such as:

  • Struggles with education.
  • Losing a higher ground. 
  • Problems with children. 
  • Issues with people, leading to quarrels and fights. 

Saturn Transit Effect on the 6th house –  Leo 2020

Saturn shall transition in Leo zodiac sign shall be in the 6th House or the House of Money, Health, and Laws. And this transition shall have various positive effects on your life, such as:

  • Win in courts and Governmental issues. 
  • Improvement in family bonds.
  • Closeness with friends. 
  • Wins over ill-wishers.
  • New business contracts.

Saturn Transit Effect on the 7th house –  Cancer 2020

The 7th House or the House of Marriage shall be Cancer’s point of transition for Saturn. Unfortunately, the effects shall not be worth embracing, And these shall be:

  • Health issues.
  • Problems in marriage. 
  • Losing a good job opportunity. 
  • Business losses. 

Saturn Transit Effect on the 8th house –  Gemini 2020

The 8th House of Gemini represents health problems, Money issues, and Aging. And this shall be the transition point for Saturn on this zodiac.

However, these changes are not the luckiest for Geminis, such as:

  • Issues and pressure in professional fields.
  • Problems in health.
  • Stress and Depression.
  • Loss of work-fields and projects. 

Saturn Transit Effect on the 9th house – Taurus 2020

The Taurus zodiac’s 9th House signifies fortunes and wealth. And this shall be the House of transition for Saturn in 2020. 

The effects of it, are as follows:

  • Status improvement.
  • Self-improvement. 
  • Luck to win legal matters. 
  • Blooming relationships.

Saturn Transit Effect on the 10th house – Aries 2020

The Aries zodiac’s 10th House or the House of Career shall have a deep impact through Saturn’s transit. 

There shall be hence, detrimental effects in your life, such as:

  • Relationship issues. 
  • Profit at your workplace. 
  • Issues in marriages. 
  • Career boost.
  • Potential business partnerships. 

Saturn Transit Effect on 11th house – Pisces 2020

Saturn’s transit in Pisces will be in the 11th House or the House of Income. Your confidence will have a boost, and so will your income. 

The effects shall be:

  • Profitable business partners.
  • Increased income. 
  • Profitable business opportunities. 
  • Job promotions. 

Saturn Transit Effect on the 12th house – Aquarius 2020

Aquarius’ 11th House or the House of Expenses and Spirituality shall be for Saturn’s transit. And with it, your luck call also receives a tremendous effect. 

And the effects are:

  • Extramarital affairs.
  • Problems in your health. 
  • Business losses.
  • Losing friends and gaining them as enemies.

In conclusion, the Saturn transition in Capricorn 2020 shall be important for all the houses of the 12 Zodiac signs. Moreover, you can plan your future while keeping in mind such points of change in your life. 

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