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Saturn Transit 2020 – Know its Impact, Date & Time

Saturn Transit: Saturn is a slow-moving planet, and it stays in a sign for almost 2-2.5 years. The duration of Saturn transit is the highest among all planets in the cosmic realm. People fear this planet because it’s equated with challenges and delays. Most people will also face a lot of hurdles in all fields.

Saturn Transit: Date and Time 2020

Sagittarius to Capricorn 12:00 PM, January 24, 2020
Capricorn to Sagittarius (R) 12:00 PM, May 11, 2020
Sagittarius to Capricorn (D) 12:00 PM, September 29, 2020

Saturn Transit – Date & Time 2020

Saturn Transit 2020

According to Vedic myth, Saturn or Lord Shani Dev is the god of karma. Hence, people fear Shani Dev and Shani Dasha. The god of judgement rewards people for their good deeds and punishes others for their sins.

But, Saturn can also produce good results depending upon its position. When placed in the 3rd, 6th & 11th house, positive outcomes are likely. Chances of getting success in a job or examination are high. The effect of Saturn transit 2020 in the remaining houses is malefic. Job delays, delays in promotion or land deals, fights, etc. are the negative effects of the transit. 

Read the impact of Saturn transit in all the 12 houses:

  • Saturn in the first house: Saturn in the first house will be inauspicious. So, not an excellent time to make financial investments. Luck is not exactly smiling at your efforts. You would have a hard time and luck in all your efforts. Feelings of loneliness and dejection may creep up. All major things would get delayed. As a result, you may remain frustrated most of the time. This transit is also not favourable for your health. You would suffer from low confidence and self-esteem during this period. The company of loved ones would help you to cope up with sadness and depression.
  • Saturn in the second house: When Saturn is in the second house, it marks the start of the last phase of Sade Sati. Relationships will require extra attention. There could be trouble brewing between you and your spouse. Meanwhile, your personal life will also see some struggle. You would yearn for some peace and calm in your life. Overthinking will only add to your stress and worries. An extra push is required from your end to sustain at work. Matters related to career will occupy centre stage. Furthermore, you would be struggling in matters related to finance. Cut down on your expenditures to avoid falling in debt. Avoid conflicts with your colleagues and siblings. Let go of things that are heavy on your heart.
  • Saturn in the third house: With Saturn in the third house, you can expect positive results. The lost confidence would make a comeback and how! You feel determined to work your way up and achieve your goals. You will get nothing but good news and success during this period. Prospects of starting a business are also favourable. Furthermore, disputes related to the property would weigh in your favour. You would have a happy and balanced family life as well.
  • Saturn in the fourth house: This transit is called the time of Saturn’s dhaiyya”. So, not a good time for monetary gains. Tension in the air would prevail at both your home and your workplace. There could be a possibility of unnecessary arguments and conflicts. Again, underlying health issues would add to your stress. If you want to be successful, you will have to work harder than usual. Luck, too, would not be by your side. Legal matters could also drag you down. Hence, try to maintain your calm and patience to deal with this phase.
  • Saturn in the fifth house: Problems with your partner or your business partner will surface during this transit. With Saturn in the fifth house, expect frequent mood swings. Couples in relationships may also face troubles and hit rock bottom. Keeping a strong head is the only way to come out of this transit. Bad times do not last forever, so remind yourself of this. Furthermore, do not try your hands in a new venture or stock market. High investments in anything should be avoided now.
  • Saturn in the sixth house: Expect things to get better during this Saturn transit 2020. This period is a good time to show your enemies who you are. Also, shutting them with your success would be the best revenge. People who have been speaking ill about you will face defeat at your hands. Meanwhile, relationships with your family and friends would improve. Furthermore, you can expect to grow your income as well. Professionally, you may be exposed to different or new opportunities. Do not hesitate to explore.
  • Saturn in the seventh house: With Saturn transit 2020 in the seventh house, expect some trouble in your married life. Unavoidable situations may emerge, which could lead to separation as well. Hence, it is good if you resolve your matters as soon as you can. In another frame, people in business partnerships may expect some differences in opinion. Therefore, do not make a mountain out of a molehill. This transit is for you to realize the value of hard work and patience.
  • Saturn in the eighth house: Health issues may surface during this transit. If you have been avoiding any underlying issues, it is best you get yourself checked. Friends and family may also act strange around you. So, do not expect any emotional support from them. You may face some problems in your professional life as well. This is not the time to blow your own trumpet, rather work hard to get success.
  • Saturn in the ninth house: This transit creates an air of ambiguity in your decisions. You may fail to make clear or concise decisions. Also, there are chances of frequent job changes. Do not make hasty decisions or impulsive moves, which may cause you losses.

There is a high probability of long-distance travels as well. Spend wisely and try to reduce your expenses. In addition to this, you would feel stressed and disturbed during this period.

  • Saturn in the tenth house: It is a good time to resolve any past issues with your loved ones. You would feel bogged down because of all the responsibilities. Again, office problems will cause you uneasiness. Therefore, do not get into arguments with your seniors. This period would be a wake-up call for you. Do not get carried away with your expenses. Pay close attention to your mother’s health, as well.
  • Saturn in the eleventh house: This period is favourable for the natives. Couples would have a harmonious relationship with their significant other. You can expect to increase your income and improve your finances. Health would improve, as well.
  • Saturn in the twelfth house: The first phase of Sade Sati starts with this Saturn transit. You can expect drastic changes and challenges in life. You may face loss in your business as well. This is not a favourable time to enjoy marital life. Do not make any important decisions during this transit.

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