Seventh House – 7th House in Vedic Astrology!

Seventh House is the House for partnerships & marriage. In our society, marriage is given the utmost importance. Hence, this House is central in Vedic Astrology. It doesn’t focus on the self but on the significant other. Hence, it is mostly about a person’s married life and spouse.
Libra is the ruler of the 7th House & Venus governs it. Another name for it in Vedic Astrology is Kaletra Bhava.

Seventh House in Vedic Astrology:

Seventh House in Vedic Astrology: Know Its Importance!

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The areas of life ruled and governed by the 7th House

While the first House is about self, the 7th House reflects about your partner. When combined, they represent a whole – like Yin and Yang. When we unite with the other, we gain a sense of purpose in life and responsibility. Cooperation and purpose make our lives valuable. It is through a partnership that we fulfill our purpose. So, you can understand the relation between you and your better half through this house
Again, partnerships come in myriad forms – business, marriage, relationships, contracts, etc.
Thus, this House highlights different areas of “House of Partnerships.” It also impacts family and relationships.
One’s passion, charm, intimacy, travel, business, commitment & fantasies fall under the governance of this House. Depending on the position of the planets in the 7th House, experts can foretell about your compatibility and commitment. It explains how you approach a relationship & things you look for in a partner. Moreover, it can also reveal the way your relationship will unfold. For instance, will it be love at first sight? Or an unexpected affair?
With many planets and signs in the 7th House, one is bound to get confused regarding their ideal partner. There could be too many qualities you want in a partner, then. For example, when the 7th House has both Saturn and Uranus, you may desire a stable (Saturn) but unpredictable (Uranus) –two-contrast qualities. Thus, it may lead you to move from person to person, trying to seek what you want. Thus, situations of extramarital affairs or desires may prevail. To sum it up, you may marry someone but have an affair with another person.
Hence, experts place a lot of importance to this House.
How we relate to our partner and work towards creating harmony are the key takeaways of this House.
Relationships have a soothing effect on humans. It is because of relations that we form connections. Several factors could influence our marriage because of which it affects our happiness.

Some Questions That This House Answers:

  • What qualities do you seek in a partner?
  • How will your romantic relationships be like?
  • What are the things that put you off regarding a partner?
  • Are you going to be fair in legal matters?
  • How do you deal with society?
  • What type of rivals you will have?
  • Who are the enemies that you will make?
  • What are the qualities that you expect your partner to notice?
  • Which are the qualities you feel will lack?
This House also impacts our body parts which include kidney and lower back.
  • Childbirth issues
Interestingly, 7th House also reveals your desire for children. Infertility, progeny issues, etc are also dealt with through this House.
  • The Significance Of The 7th House
As mentioned earlier, it denotes cooperation & adjustment. No relationship can progress without understanding and compromises. So, compatibility is a must for a successful marriage and business partnerships.
All these factors depend on the position of the planets in the 7th House in astrology.
Whether these relationships and partnerships bring positive results or malefic effects in your life also reflects in this House. Experts can tell if one will profit from their business relationships or suffer losses at the hands of their partner.
Furthermore, through this house, one can also learn about the scope of foreign travel. It denotes a change of place and travel to distantBut. However, the period or time frame of this travel depends on the positions of the planets.
Again, the seventh house reveals the negative aspects of the relationships and partnerships we form. Enmity, fights, disputes, legal fights, etc. fall under the dominance of this House. How you react to the hardships and battles in your relationship gets highlighted through this House
In Mundane astrology, it also tackles issues related to treaties, foreign trade, international relations, etc.

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