Shani Jayanti 2021- Date and Highlights

Shani Jayanti 2021- Date and Highlights


Shani Jayanti is celebrated for Shani Dev for Lord Shani, the son of the Sun. As the day of Shani Jayanti falls on the Lord’s birthday, the day is devoted to worship him and wish for good karma and blessings in everyday life. 


According to Hindu astrology, Shani is the planet Saturn. It has a strong influence over people’s lives and daily luck. Therefore, on this day people bestow him with the honor, devotion, and love needed to please his soul for his blessings. As a celestial figure, Shani Dev is the lord of justice. He is the deity who sees the good and bad in everyone and signifies discipline, hard work and spirituality. 


Not to forget, Lord Shani only bestows bad fortune and ill-luck to those who deserve it as bad karma from negative deeds. Therefore, his followers need to maintain a good track record of positive and helpful deeds. 


When Does Shani Jayanti Take Place?


The Shani Jayanti festival takes place at Vaishakh Vidya Chaturdasi Amavasya. This moment falls annually at the end of May towards the first 10 days of June. Moreover, various individuals from different religions come together to celebrate this day to gain good luck and fortune from appeasing the Shani Lord. 


Why Celebrate Shani Jayanti?


The Birthday of Lord Shani Deva shall take place this year 2021 on 10th June. This is a day that people especially from Shani Shingnapur, India celebrate the festival with great vigor, excitement, and devotion. 


On the day of Shani Jayanti, people wake up early in the morning to clean themselves and their houses. After this, they take a dip into the holy waters of the Ganges. The devotees also gift prayer offerings and chant holy mantras in the name of Shani Deva for his birthday. 


The devotees later that day, also adorn Shani deva with a Navaratna (9 gems) Mala to seek protection from negative energies. They also perform the Telabhishek and Shani Vandana while prayers are chanted all around. 


The most popular foods during this time would be:

  • Jaggery, gulab jamun, etc. as sweets
  • Papdi Chaat, chana masala, etc. as snacks
  • Sharbat, jaljeera, lassi (for drinks)
  • Matar Pulao, puri, sabzi, etc., for meals. 


This beautiful day of celebration is for Shani Deva on his birthday. 


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