Shubh Muhurat for Starting a Business in 2020

Shubh Muhurat: Everyone wants to begin a new business or venture at an auspicious day and date, also called shubh muhurat, along with the blessings of elders and gods. 

The aim of everyone is to get the maximum out of their business – be it small or big.

When you venture into something new or build something of your own, you want to earn money and get wealth and success.

However, deciding on an auspicious day and date is very important in Indian households. It is common parlance to consult an astrologer or pundit to decide on the most auspicious or “shubh” day to establish the foundations of a business. And inviting close friends and family on the shubh muhurat launch of the business is very much prevalent.

Shubh Muhurat for Starting a Business in 2020:

Shubh Muhurat

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This is where astrology comes in play, keeping in mind all these factors. 

A Muhurat is a beneficial or auspicious time to launch a business or venture or to conduct any important event. It is important as it most likely contributes in the growth and success of the business or event.

According to astrological calculations, experts have drawn certain time slots or tithi to begin a new business, which will provide the best results. Hence, people give immense importance to astrological calculations.

Astrological factors like position and energy of the planets play an important role in deciding the “shubh muhurat”. Additionally, auspicious week, days or tithis are also taken in consideration. 

As per Hindu Astrology, certain constellations or Nakshatras also have important weightage in deciding the auspicious time slots. These are Pushya, Ashwini, Chitra, Revati, Anuradha. 

Below is the list of the most auspicious date and time of 2020 that will surely help your business boom. 

Date Time
19 January 07:46-10:42
19 February 07:28-11:40
29 February 07:18-11:01
03 March 07:53 -10:53
27 March 11:10 -13:25
4 April 08:43 -12:19
4 April 06:44 -12:30
20 April 07:40-09:36
24 April 09:20-13:55
3 May 08:45-13:28
8 May 06:30-10:40
11 May 08:13-12:48
8 June 06:23-10:58
17 June 06:33-10:23
18 June 10:19-12:36
19 June 07:55-12:32
27 June 07:23-12:01
5 July 06:52-11:29
15 July 06:12-10:50
16 July 06:08-13:02
22 July 10:22-12:39
1 August 07:26-09:43 and 11:59-14:19
18 August 11:31-13:35
22 August 08:57-13:19
01 November 07:04-12:40
15 November 11:45-12:28
19 November 07:18-11:29
28 November 07:34-10:54
25 December 10:50-12:17

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