Sixth House – 6th House in Vedic Astrology!

Sixth House in Vedic Astrology also plays a significant role in our lives. This House majorly governs the area of health and wellness. They say health is wealth, and it is rightly said so. Without a healthy life and being, other issues cease to matter. Again, this House also sheds light on the way we handle our fears.

Sixth House in Vedic Astrology

Sixth House in Vedic Astrology

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What signs and planets are associated with the 6th House?

Virgo is the ruler of the 6th House. Another name for this house is Shatru Bhava in Vedic Astrology. It is favorable for Mercury but a weak house for Jupiter, Sun, Moon, Venus, and Saturn.

The areas of life ruled and governed by the 6th House

The position in this House indicates the category or type of work one will indulge. Hence, service and employment are key takeaways of this House. People have many questions regarding their job and success in it.  The answer to these questions lies in this House. The nature of your colleagues, the success you meet in a job or business are a few examples. Also, your physical strength and your determination to work fall under the realm of the 6th House.

As House no 6 impacts the health and well-being, one should be cautious about their health. Follow a healthy diet and a balanced routine for a sound body. Moreover, this House also affects body parts like the intestine, digestive tract, and stomach.

Significance of the 6th House

This House deals with challenges, debts, hardships, and enemies. Another name that this House identifies with is the House of Diseases, Enemies & Debt. This House is a paradox in itself. While it is true that the 6th house births illnesses and sickness, the strength to fight back also illuminates from this House.

Similarly, this House is also a significator for loans and debt, but one also gets the courage & will to repay the loan.

Again, while this House gives rise to enemies, it also influences to drive the enemies away.

This House encourages people to join professions that benefit society. Hence, this House is the critical significator for doctors, healers, nurses, police, and the army. Furthermore, the 6th House also tackles legal matters and disputes.

What picture does the 6th House project for future prediction?

As mentioned earlier, the sixth House of the Kundlirepresents debts, sickness, and enemies. Apart from these, war and disease, sorrow, scars, and despair are also expressed in this House.

What diseases will you suffer from?

How long will you take to recover? Which body part needs your attention?  Is your immune system healthy? These are some questions that this house deals with. It influences the factors concerning your illness. The food you take and their impact on your health forms a significant part of this House.

Moreover, magic and superstitions also comprise an essential part in the 6th House.  It refers to the fear, anxiety, worry, vices, misunderstanding with siblings, and more. This House also influences the thought of committing a sin.

This House also denotes the relationship one shared with house help, colleagues, and maternal aunt and uncles. It reveals the struggles and obstacles you face while managing them. In short, it determines the strength that one has to deal with the world’s external forces. A strong person will emerge successfully out of this battle. When a malefic planet is placed in this House, it will negate the negative influences. Thus, this provides favorable results for natives.

The House also denotes self-discipline, servitude, selfless service, and so on. The matters related to employment, labor laws, and human resources management also fall in the sphere of the 6th House.

To sum up, the 6th House has its connections with other houses of the horoscope. It also reveals the affairs of your partners, secret ill-wishers, separation from a partner, and more.

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