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Sun Transit 2020 – Know its Impact, Date & Time

Sun Transit: The movement of Sun from one zodiac sign to the other is Sun Transit. The duration of the Sun in each sign is around 1 month. In Astrological terms, Sun represents “the self”. Sun completes its travel in the 12 signs in one year. Hence, this is an important event in Astrology.
When Sun is in the 3rd, 6th, 10th, and 11th house, it brings promising results. But, when placed in the remaining houses, the results could be less rewarding.

Sun Transit – Date & Time 2020

Sun Transit

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Sagittarius to Capricorn 02:23 AM, January 15, 2020
Capricorn to Aquarius 03:18 PM, February 13, 2020
Aquarius to Pisces 12:09 PM, March 14, 2020
Pisces to Aries 08:39 PM, April 13, 2020
Aries to Taurus 05:33 PM, May 14, 2020
Taurus to Gemini 12:10 AM June 15, 2020
Gemini to Cancer 11:03 AM, July 16, 2020
Cancer to Leo 07:27 PM, August 16, 2020
Leo to Virgo 07:23 PM,  September 16, 2020
Virgo to Libra 07:22 AM, October 17, 2020
Libra to Scorpio 07:10 AM, November 16, 2020
Scorpio to Sagittarius 09:48 PM, December 15, 2020
Role of Sun In Astrology: Surya is another common name for Sun in Sanskrit. Surya Devta or Lord Sun is an important deity in Hindu Mythology. It occupies a central position in the solar system as all planets revolve around the sun. In Vedic Astrology as well, Surya is the soul of humans.
When Sun is favourable in your horoscope charts, expect fame and money. But when the influence of the Sun is negative, you may lose out on money, fame and success. Health-related matters will need your attention

Let us read in detail about the effects of Sun transit in each house:

Sun Transit in the first house: When Sun is in the ascendant house, your health will start to decline. Pay close attention to matters related to heart, eyes & throat during this period. The negative influence could create a rift with your friends and family. Hence, this is a time to control your temper and words. Don’t let anger get the better of you. This is not a favourable time to become financially stable.
Second House: Delays in work and success sum up the Sun transit in the second house. Your finances will also suffer a setback and you may need to reorganize your strategies. It is not a good time to lose your anger on little things. Furthermore, expect losses to rise in trade and money. Don’t make any investments that could incur losses. Avoid travel and excess spending.
Third House: With Sun transit in the third house, you would make an impact at your work. On the professional front, this period is a favourable one. There may also be an increase in a paycheck or a bonus. Happiness, success and progress are the key elements of Sun transit in the second house. Moreover, everything you do brings you good news. Mentally, you are strong and at peace. Your hard work will yield favourable results for you among your friends & family. Also, a good time to bond with your loved ones.
Fourth House: This period will yield negative outcomes in your life. Sun’s transit to the fourth house disrupts your mental peace. Your social image and standing also suffer a setback. Miscommunications and misunderstandings will create a rift between your colleagues. Do not rush into any sudden trips as it may cause you losses. Meanwhile, avoid getting into any arguments.
Fifth house: With Sun in the 5th house, your professional life gets disrupted. Your arch-rivals and enemies will team up to cause you harm. The less you argue during this period, the more it will benefit you. Your mental health needs your attention as well. Again, health issues will add to your list of worries as well.
Sixth house: Sun transit into the 6th house will bring positive results. It is a favourable period for your health. Besides this, success in work and other matters is likely to happen. In case you have a legal matter pending, you can expect good news as well. Also, if you are a travel junkie, it’s a good time to plan your travel itinerary. In another frame, your enemies will also face defeat.
Seventh house: The Sun transit in the 7th house is not a good time. First of all, work-life balance will get disrupted. Similarly, arguments will spoil things between your colleagues. Do not let disputes affect your career growth. Secondly, your health will suffer as well. You need to pay close attention to health-related matters. In addition to this, not an excellent time for travel or financial growth. You could expect delays in your work, as well.
Eight house: Expect some turbulence with Sun transit into the 8th house. Your arch-rivals have their eye on you and will try their best to put you down. Be careful with legal matters. Again, you may not have the best of health. Therefore, blood circulation, indigestion, etc could need attention. You need to be cautious while driving or crossing the road. In addition to this, marital life will go through a rough patch as well. A word of caution – be strict with your spending.
Ninth House:  With Sun in the 9th house, be ready for confrontations at work. You may find yourself indulging in office politics. But, this could lead you into trouble. Also, not an excellent time for accumulating wealth. Finances are shaky. One could experience anxiety, stress and mental pressure as well. Take care of cold, throat, spine and hips related issues. Moreover, familial relationships are not rosy either.
Tenth House: The Sun’s position in the 10th house brings positive results. The natives will face success. There could be good news at work too. A promotion or hike in salary is due. You gain respect in your social circle. Health will also improve during this period. Your growth will be natural and effortless.
Eleventh house: There are high chances of a promotion or increment. People in business will gain profits as well. Professionally, this is a very good period for you. Your work and efforts get recognized by your superiors and lauded. Additionally, you will get a chance to increase your income as well. A good time to be financially stable. Travel bugs can expect to hear good news during this period.
Twelfth house: Sun’s placement in the 12 house does not yet yield positive results. You could face a financial crunch, so take care of expenses. Again, not an excellent time to gain from investments. Additionally, Mental health also gets affected during this transit. Besides this, your health may also suffer. Meanwhile, in matters of love and relationships, steer clear of arguments. Focus on improving relationships with your partner or spouse.

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