Swati Nakshatra – Characteristics Of Male & Female!

The Swati Nakshatra varies from 6-40 to 20-20′ in Libra. Swati signifies purity and also denotes the first drop of rain which is pure as well. 

  • Meaning: Independent, sword
  • Lord: Rahu
  • Body VarahaMihira: Teeth
  • Symbol: Coral, sapphire
  • Deity: Vayu-Wind
  • Shakti: Scatter like the wind
  • Caste: Vaishya

It translates or represents the priest or the sword, which brings out the talent of an individual. As per Vedic Astrology, Rahu is the ruling planet of this Nakshatra and Vayu is the presiding god. It also stands for freedom, solitude and independence. 

Natives of this star are generally compassionate, dedicated and kind. They also crave for their space and independence. Also, they are morally upright, studious, thoughtful, clever, skilled and uncorrupt. 

Swati Nakshatra is the 15th of 27 nakshatras. 

Swati Nakshatra – Characteristics Of Male & Female!

Swati Nakshatra

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Swati Nakshatra Male Characteristics:

Male natives of this Nakshatra are generous and helpful. They are ever ready to help people around them. Mature as one can get, these men also avoid conflicts and confrontation. They like to live in peace and harmony. Moreover, Swati Nakshatra males crave for their space and enjoy their independent lifestyle. Rarely do we find them seeking help from others because they are self-reliant. 

Another endearing trait about them is their righteous and ascetic attitude. In a world full of greedy people who are out to dupe others, it is a refreshing change to find people who play fair and square. They do not deprive anyone of their rights or property. 

Furthermore, it is true that they are short tempered and also ill-tempered. Once they lose their calm, all hell breaks loose. 

  • Education & Profession

Intelligence is an understatement for the male natives. Their wit and wisdom is unmatched. And this reflects in the kind of work they do and deliver. But not all is rosy till the age of 25. Until then they may undergo severe financial crises and mental breakdowns. Growth and success comes to them between the age of 30-60. It is their golden period and they can achieve most of their goals during this period. 

  • Compatibility and Family Life 

The family life of the male natives does not bear favourable results. While everything looks picture perfect to outsiders, but in reality the male natives and their wives do not share a compatible life. It is more of an act that they keep up to present an alternate reality. 

  • Health and Well-Being

Health related matters bode well for the natives. But one cannot rule out occasional stomach problems or muscle pains. 

Swati Nakshatra Female Characteristics

Female borns are individuals who are religious, kind and compassionate. They have a reputation that commands respect socially. It is safe to say that they are God fearing and hence follow rituals religiously. 

Meanwhile, they are also slow workers. They are laid back women who do things at their own pace. Moreover, they are truthful and have a clean heart. You will never find them harbouring hate for anybody. Hence, they are approachable and make friends quickly. Also, they can act as mediators when a scuffle breaks out. 

Furthermore, the female natives of this star are homely and prefer caving in than travelling frequently. 

  • Education and profession 

While the females born under this Nakshatra are not fond of travelling, they may require to do so because of their work.  Also, they have the opportunity to make a name for themselves in their career. Their work life is favourable for them to earn name and fame equally. 

  • Compatibility and Family Life 

When it comes to the family life there could be certain complications. Swati females may have to adjust and sacrifice their principles and desires to keep the family happy. So, it may reflect poorly on their mental health on account of his. However, their children’s love keeps them going and happy. Thus, kids are a source of happiness in familial life. 

  • Health and Well-Being

Swati Nakshatra women need to pay close attention to health details. They are prone to suffer from several health issues. Asthma, breast pain, problems of the uterus and stress fracture are just a few of the common ones. 

Yearly Prediction 2020:

2020 is a year to reflect. It is a year of goodness as well as several ups and down. Natives can expect to prosper and make monetary gains in the 1st half. However, the latter half of the year will bring out the negative aspects of your life. 

Meanwhile, the natives need to remain alert of their foes and rivals who will try to cause harm. Hardships are also present in 2020 which one has to endure. So, it’s better to keep a tight hand on your budget. Spend wisely and cut down on your expenditure to manage the financial situation. 

But when you look back you will realise this this year was a bag of mixed emotions. 


1st Pada: The first quarter of the Swati Nakshatra comes in the Sagittarius Navamsa. As per Vedic astrology, Jupiter is the ruler. Natives work upon themselves to get over their impatient nature. The curious nature is dominant in this phase. Travel is also possible. 

2nd Pada: The second pada of the Swati Nakshatra comes in the Capricorn Navamsa. Saturn is its ruler. This quarter is all about material possessions. Also, natives show stability in life. 

3rd Pada: The third pada of the Swati Nakshatra falls in the Aquarius Navamsa. Saturn is the ruler of this pada. We see the natives working on their creativity during this period and building their knowledge.

4th Pada: The fourth pada of the Swati Nakshatra comes in the Pisces Navamsa. Jupiter rules this pada. Natives show their flexible nature in this pada. 

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