Teddy Day 2021: Valentine’s Special

Teddy Day is the fourth day of the Valentine week. February is filled with love and the whole week from 7th February is better known as the love week.

Each day has its own importance like the chocolate day, rose day, kiss day etc. 10th February or the 4th day of the valentine week is called The Teddy Day and if you are wondering what a Teddy day is, then you must read this article.

Bear is an adorable animal which is a symbol of attraction with its chubby body. The teddy bear is a cute stuffed toy which will steal everyone’s heart with its fluffy feeling and cute smile. By just lying on the bed, it does a lot more than just being there. It comforts like a companion and cuddles you with its flurry body. Though an inanimate thing, there is a lot of life in this soft toy. It will make us feel like a child yet again and forget all the wrong things in life.

The soft toy will surely bring in intimacy and shower lots of love amongst the couple to be. Teddys are also a symbol of good company and gifting a teddy is also a way to thank your better half for the wonderful company. A teddy can also indicate a big hug or simple those comforting moments.


A valentine gift in the form of a teddy can comfort your loved one the way you would comfort him/her as well as cherish those memories of love forever. The warmth of a hug can be felt through a soft teddy toy.  Teddy Bears with personalised messages or names on it, teddy with flowers, teddy with perfume etc. A fluffy bear is not just a child’s favourite but also a cuddly toy for all ages. The appealing smile is sure to bring a big smile on your better half’s face too. To mark the teddy day, you can choose a good corner in your bedroom and place a nice teddy there. It will add beauty to your room interiors as well as bring in more love. The color of the teddy also symbolises certain facts. Here is a list:

Different Teddies For Your Valentine 

White teddy: Symbol of purity, white color is known for good spirit, innocence and harmony. Gifting a white teddy means that you are looking forward for a fresh start of  a relationship. It is a friendly gesture and not a romantic one.


Red Teddy: Like the red rose, red teddy also indicates love and romance. Gifting a red teddy means you are in a love relationship


Pink Teddy: Pink means affection, adorability, compassion and epitome of love. So a pink teddy indicated unconditional love to the person whom you are gifting it.


Orange Teddy: Orange indicates happiness, enthusiasm, passion and energy. Giving an orange teddy indicates that a proposal is going to come your way on propose day or on Valentine’s day


Blue Teddy: Blue is the colour of sea and sky. It is about depth, loyalty, intelligence, truth, stability and trust. A blue teddy as a gift indicates how crazy you are in the relationship and about the person you are gifting it to. It is lucky to get a blue teddy as a gift.


Green Teddy: Green is nature, growth, fertility and freshness. A green teddy will communicate the feelings of your heart that is as fresh as the green leaves to your loved ones. And it also means that love will be evergreen.


Yellow Teddy: If you think yellow is sunshine and when you want someone to be the sunshine of your heart, a yellow teddy is a perfect gift then you are wrong. Yellow teddy means that you want to break up and put an end to the relationship. So be careful before you buy a yellow teddy!


Let us also gift a teddy to our loved ones and express our love through a warm hug.

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