Things You Should Never Do In Mercury Retrograde?

It is invisible and thus may often go undetected, but you will always feel the effects of “Mercury Retrograde” – like phones breaking, lost cheques, misread contracts, etc. The most important factor of this infamous transit is that everyone will experience its disruptive forces. However, you need to make sure that you don’t panic, as with a little foresight, you’ll be able to avoid any major disasters and in fact, even thrive during the time.

Mercury Retrograde Dates for 2021

A. Aquarius – January 30 to February 20, 2021
B. Gemini – May 29 to June 22, 2021
C. Libra – September 27 to October 18, 2021

Things You Need To Do While Mercury Is Retrograde

1) Just Say No

Mercury in retrograde tends to bring back the past. So it can be an opportune time period to tie up loose ends regarding past relationships, projects, ideas, etc. Since communication is also affected, it is also prudent to figure out exactly what you want to say and stand for. So instead of standing on a “maybe”, simply say “no”.

2) Back-Up Important Documents

It is preferable to do this prior to Mercury in Retrograde. Back up all important documents, images, information, etc. Also weed out all discrepancies in your finances, address, and others.

3) Complete Unfinished Projects

It can be a home improvement project or a work project or others, but any task that you may have been putting off, Mercury in retrograde is the perfect time to finish it. Especially since this is a bad time to start any new projects, you might as well complete all your incomplete ones.

4) Try a New Workout

Try channelizing your energy into a new (not tech-related) avenue. In case it sticks, it could become a passion for your life.

5) Enjoy Your Downtime

A great thing about Mercury in Retrograde is that it requires you to go with the flow. The universe wishes that you would have some downtime. So if anything is frustrating you, just hold off getting to it in a few weeks. Ensure that you focus on personal health, friends, family, and your loved ones.

Things You Should Not Do While Mercury Is Retrograde

1) Sign Contracts

No signing contracts without first going through all the terms with a “fine-toothed comb”. Mercury Retrograde wreaks havoc on communication, and so you must ensure you know exactly what you’re getting involved in. Make sure you have plenty of backup material to corroborate your actions and if anything seems even a little bit off, ask a lot of questions.

2) Buy Electronics

Try avoiding buying any kind of electronic and possibly opt for a flatscreen or smartphone upgrade, once Mercury moves into the next phase. Electronics will possibly go haywire anyway, and so look after the ones you already have until everything gets sorted out.

3) Gossip

Talking behind people’s backs is bad anyway but it can be absolutely detrimental during Mercury Retrograde. It’s arguably guaranteed that anything you say about a person, will become known to that person in some way. So till these few weeks have passed assume that everything you say can be heard by everyone in your circle.

Mercury Retrograde is a phenomenon that will have big negative effects on you if you do not take precautions. So research what you can do to negate its hazardous impact and don’t fall prey to it.

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