Three Zodiac Signs: The most deadliest enemies to have!

Three Zodiac Signs: Wouldn’t it be great if all zodiacs made the sweetest friends instead of the deadliest enemies? Wishful thinking, indeed.

Every Sun sign has distinctive traits and characteristics. While each person reacts differently in given situations, Zodiac traits have a lot to contribute to individual personalities. Common traits and habits bind zodiac signs together. 

Therefore, as per Astrology, a few zodiacs make the best of friends and get along with all and sundry. Likewise, a few zodiac signs can be dangerous when provoked.

Three Zodiac Signs: The most deadliest enemies to have!

Three Zodiac Signs

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And therefore, one would think twice before crossing them ever. 

  • Scorpio

The deadly Scorpion can either be your best friend or your deadliest enemy if you betray them. 

This Zodiac is famous for its thirst for revenge. People under this zodiac neither forgive nor forget. If you betray their trust or break their confidence in you, they have the knack for taking their sweet revenge. Scorpions are also popular as great manipulators and therefore it’s better if you keep them as friends. Once you have upset them, they will cut you off and pretend like you never shared any history with them. 

A Scorpio’s sting is the deadliest and they live to their reputation.

  • Cancer

Don’t be fooled by Cancer’s reputation as emotional fools. While it’s true that Cancer born people are highly sensitive but they have high emotional intelligence as well. They crave for loyalty and assurance from friends and lovers. 

One prominent trait of the Cancer sun sign is the mood swings. They have a fickle mind and unpredictable mood swings. So, maybe steer clear of the road to making enemies. Locking a horn with Cancers is like calling for your storm and getting upset when it rains.

  • Taurus

Taurus can be calm as the sea or can precede their reputation of being nasty when provoked. Taurus would never come at you first but only when you incite or insult them. People under this zodiac like minding their own business, so it’s your fault if you invite their wrath. Stubborn as they are, they value loyalty and therefore, if anyone breaks that trust, they can go from friendly to a stranger in seconds. It’s like they don’t exist in Taurus’s life anymore.

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