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Valentine Special: Learn Why Hugs Day Is Important!

A little bit of love and care is all we need to make up for any bad day. And the Valentine’s Week just serves this purpose. The 7-day long week preceding the D-Day is marked by a week-long celebration of various events by couples. Right from the anticipated Rose Day to Chocolates Day, and from Promise Day to Valentine’s Day, the week is filled with love, laughter, festivity and celebration.

Hug Day or the sixth day of the Valentine’s week is celebrated two days before February 14th. As simple as it sounds, hugs are supposed to be exchanged by couples to show their warmth and affection. An expression of love, hugs have the power to make you feel safe and wanted. It’s one of the sweetest form of affection and speaks louder than words.

Valentine Special: Learn Why Hugs Day Is Important!

A warm embrace between lovers or friends alike can work to release and ease the stress. When you hug someone for long, it can stimulate the release of oxytocin in the brain, a neurotransmitter that fosters bonding. This in turn automatically weaves the magic and there is a sense of lingering satisfaction.

Don’t we all say, “Let me give you a bear hug to ease your pain”? This statement holds true for everyone.

For couples, hugs can not only prove to be a mood lifter but a silent embrace can bring you closer too. They work as a magic pill to help with loneliness and reduce depression. Hugs also reduce stress and anxiety, as they create a very soothing effect for both partners. This day stands to reiterate the importance of your partner in your life and how much they mean to you. When you express sweet nothings into your beloved’s ear, while locked in an embrace, the feeling is irreplaceable. No gifts exchanged, no materialistic things required, the beauty of hugs! If you want to express your feelings or confess your love, this day is an ideal day and way to profess!

Interestingly, hugs can also increase oxytocin levels in the body which means they can heal feelings of loneliness, anger, isolation, frustration & stress. While it makes you feel physically better, as you are all smiles, hugs have a colossal effect on lifting your mental well being too.

Now, that we all know the importance of hugs, let’s celebrate and exchange the warmth with our close and loved ones.

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