Valentine’s Day Gift For Your Partner Based on Their Zodiac Sign 

Looking for Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your sweetheart? Valentine’s Day is just round the corner and the love birds are busy wrapping their heads over the perfect gifts. 

We all want to give our significant other the gift that they will remember. 

This Valentine’s Day, give your soul mate everything that will make their Day memorable. A completely memorable valentine gift to make your partner feel the top of the world. Easier said than done, though! In this Day and age of endless choices and frenetic lifestyles, choosing the perfect gift for your beloved can be, put it mildly, confusing. Searching for the best valentine’s day gifts for wife, girlfriend, or would-be girlfriend or wife can be difficult, BRT, we have made it simple for you.


An Aries is a true blue party lover and full of life and energy. So, if your partner is Aries it’s time to pull up your socks if you want to impress the Rams. They love gifts that are unique and out of the box. Ordinary and cliched gifts bore them easily. So, unique gifts on Valentine’s Day is the way to win their heart. As they love to gain the spotlight, maybe activities that focus on them can help your cause. Plan an outdoor activity for them – camping, chasing waterfalls or you could even go bowling or mountain cycling. Love gifts that are challenging and testing. So, gadgets, sporting events, etc are unique gift suggestions for their taste. If you are single and ready to find your love, then ask our expert astrologers how.  


The Taurians are ruled by the planet of beauty and romance, Venus. Hence, they appreciate all things beautiful and luxurious. 

Besides, we all know Taureans work hard to enjoy the pleasures life has to offer and they are not shy to admit it. It’s easy to impress a Taurean by pampering them with good things. So, if you want to woo your Taurean lover then maybe plan a romantic getaway with them – a luxurious staycation, a bonfire date, some flowers even. You can also plan a nice movie date with their favourite munchies. 


To impress a Gemini, it’s best you keep a blend of small and big gifts ready. Geminis are fickle-minded and they love variety. They are intelligent souls who like intriguing and stimulating conversations. So, if you want to keep them hooked, give them a balanced set of gifts – books, gadgets, trekking tickets etc. Adventure and intelligence are etched in their souls. Apart from these watches, wristbands, rings etc would make a lovely gift for them as Geminis govern the collarbone, lungs and arms.


Cancers are sentimental beings and so emotional things are valuable to them. Suppose you wish to take them by surprise with some creative and thoughtful gifts. A handmade greeting card expressing your love or a digital diary, some exotic flower arrangements, food hampers, home appliances, a photo album or a collage goes well with their mood and emotion. It’s easy to please a Cancer if you know how to strike the right chord. They are a sucker for love and affection, so gifts of appreciation will go down well with Cancers. 


The Lions are royalty and think themselves to be one who commands respect and admiration. They like being the centre of attention. So, to woo your Leo partner plan activities that revolve around them. Give them the attention they need when it comes to shower love. Pay attention to their needs and demands, you’ll know what to get them. But gifts that are of high quality and value or plan some vacation together. 


Virgos are hard to please as they are the master of perfection. It’s also hard to gain their trust. So, if you are trying to please a Virgo you need to do something tender and genuine. They are not the ones who will fall for flashy gifts or fake care. They have a practical side as well a caring side. To woo your Virgo partner, get them some practical and useful stuff over romantic gifts. Creative stationery, digital diary, travel kit, gardening kit are some Valentine’s day gift ideas for this earth sign.


Libras may not show it but they do like to pamper and be pampered. So, this Valentine’s Day appreciate your Libra partner with generous doses of all things nice, the scented candles, the fragrances, balloons, novels, and mixtape to brighten their Day. They appreciate unique and meaningful gifts over pricey and flashy ones. If you want to charm them maybe look for some limited edition items, intricately-carved jewellery, perfumes, home decoration items, gadgets etc. 


For Scorpio’s love is one fairytale dream. They are sensitive people who have a lot of love to give. So, your Valentine’s gift should show how much they mean to you in terms of love and respect. They also are voracious readers and suck up on trivia tidbits from around the world. The water signs are not the ones who love expensive or extravagant gifts. But they do appreciate nice fragrance, some exotic dinner dates, novels, wines and style statement jewelry Pisces. 


Sagittarius are free souls who love luxury and travel. Nature is what they admire and feel close to the most. So, if you want to surprise them with a nice Valentine’s Day gift then plan an outdoor hike together or go to some exotic locations. Nothing like trying new locales and digging new cuisines together. With a Sagi partner life is never short of a party.


If you have a Capricorn lover then you may not need to sweat over Valentine’s gift. They don’t expect much from their partners. All they want is to enjoy your company and some sweet little gestures. Capricorns don’t demand or seek expensive material gifts from their lovers. For them, love goes beyond one Day’s occasion. So, if you want to win their heart a sweet romantic gesture or token of love is suffice to charm them. They are sensitive and emotional people when it comes to love. Maybe you can recreate an old memory, a gift that’s nostalgic or write a sweet poem or make them a mixtape. That’s enough to floor them. They also appreciate classic and artistic stylish things. So, a piece of jewelry, or a classic bag that suits their taste can be perfect gifts to woo them on Valentine’s Day. 


Aquarius souls are free and intellectual souls who love to travel. For your Aquarius partner, look for something that feeds their soul. A travel book, some creative gifts like writing material etc can best Valentine’s gifts. Travel gifts and kits can top your list as well when you shop for them. Gifts that are artistic or that stand out from the crowd are charming to the Aquarians. 


If your partner is Pisces then you can pack a gift that’s thoughtful and personal. They are daydreamers and sensitive and appreciate the little things you would do for them. You can add cute love messages or notes for them if you want to charm them. For more thoughtful gifts you can add a personal greeting card for them as well on Valentine’s Day. Precious stones, mittens, bath products are some ideal gifts for your Pisces partner.. 


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