Valentine’s Special: When Is Chocolate Day 2021?

The third day of Valentine’s week is a mushy and chocolatey affair, with Chocolate Day falling on February 9th. February is a month filled with love and warmth and restaurants and businesses try to make it more special by personalizing the Valentine’s Day theme in their brands. 

Valentine’s Special: Celebrate Chocolate Day with These Ideas

With Chocolate Day just right round the corner, businesses are coming up with unique and extravagant ideas to make it special for their customers. 

Couples exchange chocolates and candies with each other on the third day of Valentine’s week to spread that extra layer of sweetness in their relationship.


Whether you are in a relationship or single you can always share a brick of chocolates with your special someone or loved one to mark and celebrate this day. After all everyone likes a little sweetness in their diet. 

How To Celebrate Chocolate’s Day?

Chocolate Day comes right after Propose Day, this year it will be celebrated on February 9th. So, if you have recently proposed to your sweetheart it’s time to charm your love with sweetness. This day is all about pampering your lover with varieties of chocolates and hampers and sharing a candy together. 


As couples you can do many things together to celebrate Chocolate Day. If you want to make it extra special and personal, you can make chocolates at home and gift them. See their heart melt with this sweet gesture. 


You can also go for chocolate and wine tasting events. Choose a place near you that offers you this and surprise your loved one altogether.


If you are looking for some last minute gift ideas then we have got you covered. Buy a heart shaped chocolate bouquet filled with different flavours of chocolates. You can also add a dash of colours and design a rainbow coloured chocolate bouquet. 


If your partner has a sweet tooth then you must buy them the Ferrero Rocher in Hazelnut flavour, Nothing can go wrong with this box. One of those favourite indulgent desserts is Ferrero Rocher. The 48-pack has enough for the two of you to enjoy all day long together. And what’s more? There is plenty left for your sweetheart to fill in her taste buds. 


Furthermore, to make it extra special you can also go for a personalised chocolates box. Choose your personalised text and image to be displayed on the box and make it a sweet date night. Watch your Valentine’s face glow with this sweet gesture. 


There are many ways to indulge with your partner on Chocolate’s Day. If you want to make the Valentine’s week special and want to know the future of your relationship you can get a reading with our expert astrologers. 

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