Vastu Shastra: The Secret to a Good and Happy Life


Hinduism is a unique way of life, rather than an organized religion. There are many tenets that you can follow to improve your life, and lead a healthy & balanced life.


One way of bringing balance in your life is adhering to the art of living. Vastu shastra, which translates to the science of architecture, is an art that promotes goodwill and positivity.


The Science behind Vastu Shastra


The knowledge of creating a viable environment , or living space, in vastu shastra, promotes positivity. It depends on the layout of the building or room concerning other buildings and rooms. There are different vastu shastra for various spaces – temples, learning platforms, homes, specific rooms, etc. For every such shastra, there is scientific reasoning behind the movement. Reasons vary from a positive flow of energy, removing any traces of diseases or germs, bringing about good luck, etc.


Vastu shastra operates on the five elements of nature and their effects on mankind. The five elements are – fire, water, earth, air, and space. There are innumerable tenets of vastu shastra that one can follow to improve upon the various aspects of their life.


Five Vastu Shastra Tips to Get Your Life Together


The knowledge of vastu shastra is infinite. Here are five vastu shastra tips to improve upon your luck, living conditions, and restore balance in your life.


  1. The entry to your home must face eastwards. This is because the East represents the auspiciousness of the rise of the Sun God. Yyou must pay your obeisance by opening your welcoming door in the eastward direction. This also ensures that you get the early rays of the sun. These rays contain weakened UV radiation and destroy any germs hiding in the house.  


  1. Your bedroom must be situated in the southwest direction of the house. This promotes peace, feelings of affection, and harmony. A bedroom on the southwest corner is slightly cooler than other rooms, thereby promoting good sleep.


  1. You can plant as many green plants as you may, especially in the living room. The living room is a space that welcomes the most footfall all-day. Green plants release fresh oxygen and relax the eyes. Plants also encourage a deeper interest in nature. Green plants also promote higher fortunes and bring in wealth.


  1. A doormat outside the main door is vital. It encourages cleanliness and sucks in negative energies.


  1. If you plan to include a puja room into the blueprints, you should situate it on the ground floor. The bond between you and your house is strengthened and you are blessed with positivity and good luck.




Like the many rules and festivities of Hinduism, vastu shastra professes scientific principles at its most basic foundation. The science of architecture affects how we live and interact with everything that we encounter. Vastu shastra is a traditional system of organizing and structuring your living and working space to get the best layout. Originating in India, vastu shastra improves your physical, mental, and spiritual health.

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