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Venus Transit 2020 – Know its Impact, Date & Time

Venus Transits: Known as the Morning star, Venus is the brightest planet of all. The duration of the Venus transit in each zodiac is 23 days. The planet of love and relationships is also called the Goddess of beauty. Venus transit is responsible changes in one’s social, physical and marital life. Let us learn about them in detail in this article.

Venus is the key significator for marriage, relationships and children. The planet is also associated with material wealth, pleasures and luxuries. When the influence of Venus is strong, the chances of romantic inclinations will be high. 

The effects of Venus transit in one’s life depends upon its positioning. For instance, when placed in Pisces, the influence of Venus is quite strong. But, when positioned in Virgo, the effect starts to diminish. Interestingly, Venus Shukr in Hindi. And the day Friday (Shukrawar) gets its name after it. 

Venus Transit – Date & Time 2020

Venus Transits

As per astrological studies, white colour represents Venus. Another interesting fact about Venus is that it is personified as feminine. Hence, it’s associated with love, romance, marriage and beauty. The natives of zodiacs ruled by Venus get attracted to beauty and pretty things. The zodiacs governed by the planet Venus are Taurus and Libra. Venus is the key significator for musicians, artists, beauty bloggers, travel executives, etc.

Saturn and Mercury gel well with Venus. However, while does not get along with the Sun & the Moon. Jupiter and Mars share a neutral relationship with the planet.  

The Result of Venus Transit

  • Venus Transits the First House  

Romantic matters and relationships will take the centre stage now. You will have ample opportunities to get what you want. One will take interest in fields related to art and music. This period is beneficial for matters related to marriage. You will pay extra attention to your looks and pamper yourself during this transit. People will find you to be amicable as well.

  • Venus Transits the Second House

This period is beneficial for the natives of this house – Venus being its ruler. Meanwhile, money related matters need your attention. Be careful about your expenditures. You may be restless during this transit and want to invest in unnecessary shopping. Financial security is on your mind and you want to maintain it. Relationships will improve and strengthen between you and your loved one. Meanwhile, you need to surround yourself with people who love and value you. 

  •  Venus Transits the Third House

Venus Transit in this house will increase your earnings and wealth. You will have an intellectual and rational outlook on life. Moreover, you like the exchange of ideas and information, anything that can help you grow. Enemies will face defeat at your hands. In addition to this, prosperity and respect for you increases.

There could be a window of opportunity to benefit through siblings or short trips. Keep your eyes and ears open. Wit, intelligence, humour and vibe will grab your attention during this transit. Your diplomacy skills heighten, especially during this period.

  • Venus Transits the Fourth House

With Venus in the fourth house, you will receive support from friends and family. You will be more inclined towards your family life. Nostalgia and sentiments grip you during this period. On the romantic side, you tend to be more considerate. It is a good period for owning responsibilities towards your family. Earning money from home may occupy your mind for a while.

  • Venus Transits the Fifth House

People cannot resist your irresistible charm. You will get success in your exams, love and any new venture you want to try out. Bond with children will strengthen now you appreciate your home life. This is a favourable period to be creative and reveal your artistic side. Painter, musician, dancer or singer? Choose your pick. Relationships that start during this transit will bring you immense joy.

  • Venus Transits the Sixth House

Venus in the sixth house can produce both good and bad results. Your workplace will provide you opportunities to be social or form romantic connections. It is a good time for you to earn respect socially as well professionally. Tact becomes your way of dealing with your colleagues. In matters related to heart, you will take your time to commit. This is because you don’t want to fall in love just for the sake of it. You shall enjoy amicable relationships with co-workers.

  • Venus Transits the Seventh House

This transit is good for sorting out any conflicts with your friends or lover. You will do well if you can use your words wisely. You will get attention and one-on-one focus from people dear to you. It is a good time for singles who want to get into a committed relationship. You are ready to compromise and adapt to maintain peace and harmony.

  • Venus Transits the Eighth House

Prospects of financial gains are high during this period. It’s an excellent time to resolve any conflict with your partner. Relationships formed now will be based on trust and intimacy. If you have been eyeing on buying your dream house, you can go for it. You can utilise this period to deal with the problems in your life.

  • Venus Transits the Ninth House

With Venus in the ninth house, you will feel optimistic and cheerful. Abroad, travel for work or studies will be on your mind. This transit is auspicious for getting monetary benefits. Start to plan your finances and expenses well. A very unlikely romantic interest may form during this period. You may feel attracted to someone who’s opposite to your nature. A career in public relations or communication will prove fruitful. Promotion or raise will be on the cards for you.

  • Venus Transits the Tenth House

This transit is not a favourable period for positive results. Luck may give you a miss in most matters. You may feel pressured or experience mental stress. Your health is also likely to suffer. Be cautious of getting yourself neck-deep in debt. Stay away from your enemies and avoid any conflict during this period. Keep a check on your expenses. However, there will be conditions favourable to grow in your career. 

  •  Venus Transits the Eleventh House

The influence of Venus during this transit will provide economic stability. The impact of Venus will be favourable for you to expand your social ties. Hence, you may meet someone through group activities. 

The transit activities your house of friendships and creates social harmony. Chances of buying a home or property heighten during this period. Relationships formed during this period will be sweet but may lack the depth. Again, you may feel slightly detached & impersonal during this period.

  • Venus Transits the Twelfth House

When Venus transit through the twelfth house, expect some delays. You may become secretive about your private life. Meanwhile, your sensual senses heighten during this period. For some, this may be a period of ending past issues or facing relationship problems. Furthermore, there are chances to be involved in secret or private relationships.

Your finances will be stable for a few days before crumbling down. So, spend wisely and track your expenses. 

Venus Transits timeline:

Capricorn to Aquarius 04:35 AM, January 9, 2020
Aquarius to Pisces 02:30 AM, February 3, 2020
Pisces to Aries 01:47 AM, February 29, 2020
Aries to Taurus 03:55 PM, March 28, 2020
Taurus to Gemini 05:29 AM, August 1, 2020
Gemini to Cancer 02:18 AM, September 1, 2020
Cancer to Leo 01:15 AM, September 28, 2020
Leo to Virgo 10:58 AM, October 23, 2020
Virgo to Libra 01:15 AM, November 17, 2020
Libra to Scorpio 05:30 AM December 11, 2020

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