What does Astrology tell about your relationship

What does Astrology tell about your relationship


Astrology can tell a lot about your love life as much as it can about your future spouse. As per astrology, one can gauge the nature of their partner through their zodiac sign. All they need to know is their birth date. 


Each sun sign shows their own distinct traits and personality in a relationship. They have their own likes and dislikes. If you are seeing someone new you can learn of their core traits and how they would be in their personal life. While everyone may have a different approach to handle relationships, every zodiac sign is bound by some common core traits that can help you maneuver your love life. 


For eg, Scorpios are famous for their passionate love, Cancers are sensitive and Aries impulsive in their love life.


So, here is a guide to help you understand how astrology can tell you about your love life through zodiac signs.


  • Aries


Aries are the impulsive ones and also the most impatient when it comes to love. They tend to get into a relationship based on their intuition and on impulse. An Aries will express their feelings directly without mincing their words, they are not the ones who believe in dropping subtle hints and signs. And it tends to work for them.


They have a fiery and zealous nature which says a lot about the spark they bring in a relationship. 


They happen to fall in love as quickly as they fall out of it. If you don’t give them the same attention as they do they can lose their interest pretty quick. They don’t play hard to get nor do they appreciate people who do.


So, if you want to keep an Aries interested, be honest with your feelings and give them enough attention and compliments. 


  • Taurus


Taurus can be a handful as they are known for their stubborn nature. When it comes to love, they enjoy being pampered. They crave for affection. If you are seeing a Taurus, you can charm them with romantic gestures and small gifts. Venus, the god of love, rules a Taurus and therefore enjoys everything shiny, beautiful and lavish. While they do enjoy luxury and materialistic gifts they also seek compassion and compatibility in a partner. Taurus is a sensual zodiac sign and enjoys being pampered and wooed. 


  • Gemini 


Gemini’s can be hard to please. Famous for their dual minded nature they can be fickle when it comes to relationships and matters of heart. Be cautious if you are seeing a Gemini as they take their time to commit. Also, Gemini’s are masters in communications. So, be sure to be charmed by them. They can charm anyone with their sharp wit and sweet talks. Furthermore, this air sign, likes a partner with whom they can enjoy and hold a conversation. They are flirtatious in nature but don’t try to play mind games with them; it irks them. 


  • Cancer


When it comes to love, astrology can reveal a lot about your love life. And with cancers, it’s an open book. Being a water sign, they are sensitive and emotional in relationships. If you are seeing a Cancer, you need to be ready for their love. They don’t love in half-measures. Cancers seek security and commitment. And they won’t shy away from expressing their love in a relationship. Steady and secure is what they expect out of their love life. They love pampering their partner and expect no less in return. 


  • Leo


Most of us who know a Leo also know their need for attention. It stands true in matters of love and relationships as well. Leo’s love spotlight and being the centre of attention. They are charming and charismatic. So, it’s hard not to fall for their flamboyant nature. Leos look for a partner who can respect them for who they are. They wouldn’t stick to a partner who is dominant and patronising. 


  • Virgo


The perfectionist of the zodiacs, Virgo’s seek for perfection in their love life as well. If you are seeing a Virgo you can be sure of their commitment. Moreover, they are straightforward with their feelings. They are not the ones who would commit without analysing the pros and cons. A Virgo man or a woman are over thinkers and their partners have to find a balance if they want to keep the relationship going. The earth sign is practical and analytical apart from being a devoted and loyal partner. If you want to stick to a Virgo, be sure to give them enough attention. 


  • Libra


How well do you know a Libra? Libra men and women fall in love easily and enjoy the attention of romantic suitors. They enjoy a connection with a spark and therefore they tend to jump into a relationship quite fast. Moreover, this zodiac sign has a flirtatious nature and hence it should come as no surprise that they could have a list of potential suitors trying to get their attention. As a partner all they look for is humour, commitment and a real connection. 


  • Scorpio 


If we have to speak of a Scorpio in love, they are the most passionate of the lot. It can be difficult to get to know everything about a Scorpio partner as they rarely open up or confide. Even if they do, they tend to keep certain things as a secret. The air of mystery around Scorpios is what draws others to them. Scorpios are loyal and devoted partners and hence they seek lovers who can commit, respect and love them without any conditions. But beware of betraying them, as they can sting when provoked or betrayed. 


  • Sagittarius 


Don’t try to bind a Sagittarius. They hate being restricted. Saggis love their space and freedom and therefore only thrive with partners who expect the same out of their life. Therefore one would rarely find them committing or settling down. While they may have brisk relationships it’s not likely of them to settle down with someone who would restrict their choices or freedom. They love adventure and travel and even in their love life they expect a similar natured partner. 


  • Capricorn 


Capricorn’s are resilient and fiercely protective in relationships. They enjoy partnerships and not dominance. So, if you are with a Capricorn you can expect equality in your relationship. Don’t try to impress them with the materialistic gifts, they would rather have your loyalty, attention and commitment.


  • Aquarius 


Many people find Aquarians charming and mysterious and therefore secretly wish for their attention. Aquarius make great lovers and they excel at solving issues which is why they would easily deflate a strenuous situation between them and their partner. 


  • Pisces 


Being a water sign, Pisces are emotional yet act tough on the outside. In matters of heart, they can get all mushy and needy. They make great partners because of their ability to listen and pay attention to the tiniest of details. If you are seeing a Pisces, be assured of their commitment. They don’t do casual or flings. 


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