What Is A Lagna Chart According To Hindu Vedic Astrology?


Hindu Vedic astrology is one of the oldest astrology systems and inspired other astrological systems globally. Vedic astrology is comparatively a new term. Jyotish or Jyotisha is what people identify with hindu astrology system. 


Hindu Vedic astrology dictates that the entire solar system needs to be segmented into nine planets, twenty-seven stars, and nine planets and that all possible predictions must be made only on the basis of this.



What Is Lagna?


The ascendant rising in the Eastern horizon at the exact same moment that an individual is born is the “Lagna”. Lagna has a number of different dynamics and changes every two hours making it almost completely accurate. It is also often referred to as the horoscope’s first house and the rest of the houses are established by using the counterclockwise method. Two people(sometimes more)/ individuals can share the same moon sign, however, the ascendant may still differ between the two. In that same way, even if the Sun sign or the Moon sign is identical for two separate individuals, their Lagnas might still differ from each other. The reason behind this is that the Sun resides in that sign for around 30 days and only traverses through one degree in the day while the Moon resides for around 2.25 days inside a sign. The ascendant, however, only resides there for around 2 hours.

The birth ascendant is only taken into account in case it is a natal chart and if the Lagna is rising at the time. The Prashna Lagna on the other hand is taken into consideration during the time of the Horary or the Mundane chart. The Moon is only considered for reference.


Why Is Lagna Important In The Horoscope?


Lagna is considered to be the face of an individual’s birth chart. Arguably, it is possible to determine most of the details about a certain person, from his/her Lagna. It is also possible to find out how a person looks, based on the positioning of the planets within the Lagna. The face actually has the capability to reveal most of the characteristics of a person, the abilities the person possesses, the amount of success he/she will achieve, etc.  


There are a number of different factors that must be considered to make predictions about the horoscope. The Lagna has a huge impact on the horoscope. All of the seven planets(leaving aside both Ketu and Rahu) including The Moon, the Sun, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, Mars, and Saturn are taken to be the owners of all the 12 houses.


In case you find any one of the aforementioned planets placed in your Lagna, all the Grahas will have a huge influence on your personality. The Moon is supposed to give you a helpful personality while you’ll be filled with energy thanks to Mars. Sincerity and isolation are a result of Saturn, and you acquire a lot of knowledge thanks to Jupiter, while sophistication and intelligence are provided to you by Venus and Mercury respectively.



Ending Note


Lagna holds a very important position in Hindu Vedic astrology, which is higher than the Janma Rashi and the Sun sign. The Lagna chart depends on the Earth’s rotation and is taken to be the supreme chart of interest.



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