What’s so Special About March Borns?


People whose birthday falls in March are either Aquarians or Pisces, either way they have many special traits. The third month of the year, sets the stage for not so cool summers from springs. 


Those born in March have daffodils as their birth month flower that stands for hope. March babies can exhibit either of the two traits, vivacious and loud Aquarius or happy-going and friendly Pisces


Those born in March are natural born leaders and are quite optimistic in their life. That’s a given. 


There are few qualities which these natives 


March born babies have certain qualities which make them apart from the rest. 


  1. Kind and giving 


Without a doubt, people born in March are very generous and kind. If you have a friend or friends whose birthday month is March, then you surely know that they are always ready to help you under any circumstances, therefore people like their company. March born natives are compassionate and one can count on them for support. Moreover, if you need any motivation, you know who you should be turning to. 


  1. Believe in commitments 


When it comes to love and relationships, these natives like to keep it real from the start. They don’t believe in playing mind games or casual dating. If they are into you, they will be devoted to you. So, be it friendships or relationships, they will be committed to you. No wonder they make such great partners. 


  1. Reserved 


Those born in March are a bunch of quiet and reserved people. They like to observe people first before opening up or getting too close. So, if you are trying to befriend them be sure not to be too loud with your expressions and actions. They are shy and quite introverted and they also like to be low-key. 


  1. Abundance of talent 


Do we know any March born baby who does not have a multitude of talents? We doubt so. 


They are born to be leaders and have a very clear picture of what they want out of their life. Besides, they like to keep themselves ahead in everything. So, it wouldn’t be surprising to find out if they are adept in several fields and skills. Besides, they are also good multitaskers. They make good careers in science, sports and theatre. If you too want to find your special talent, go to meraastro.com and connect with an astrologer for guidance. 


  1. Good listeners 


March born people are not only good listeners but they are also great at giving advice. Because of their diverse range of skills and interest in every field, they have a very broad range of skill set and information. So, you know you can expect some sane advice no matter any circumstance you may face. 


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