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Kundli or Janam Kundli is also called the Natal Chart, Janampatri, Birth Chart, and Birth Horoscope. It refers to an Astrological Chart, generated through the application of the Vedic Astrology System. An individual’s exact birth time, place, and birth date are taken into mandatory consideration. Positions of the planets along with the Sun and Moon, their precise angles, and astrological aspects during an individual’s birth are represented in the Kundli.

Free Online Kundli Calculator

One can generate their Kundli through different methods. Some of the common ones are Parashari, Jaimini or KP Kundli. At Mera Astro, you can generate your own Kundli from our free Kundli calculator software. You need to provide your birth date, local mean time and place of birth to get your available Kundli.

The free Kundli software generates: Horoscope charts
Vimsottari Dasha
Varga charts
Planetary details

Kundli’s Structure

As explained above, Kundli is the astrological chart which denotes in it, the positions of the planets. The map also shows other astrological events related to the individual’s life. Kundli can only be calculated accurately when you fill in your precise time, date of birth, and birth location.
Planets move around a particular route or path around in space that is known as the zodiac. This is then further divided into 12 zones known as the zodiac signs or the Rashis. The Kundli is also segregated into 12 houses that signifies the celestial route that the Sun takes over a year. These 12 houses encompass the 12 zodiac signs. The position of these houses are fixed in one’s Kundli. It doesn’t change. The signs and planets move through the 12 houses, causing significant changes. Each House in a Kundli denotes a particular aspect or area of life. Also, the position of the planets in these Houses is a key significator for various events in an individual’s life. Thus, Astrologers can predict or foretell future events for an individual, depending on the planetary position in his/her Kundli.
The drawing of the Kundli or the birth chart requires crucial details and insight, which is only possible by expert astrologers.
Astrologers prefer Janam Kundli to understand and explain the life-map of a person. They use it to describe the events that are probable in an individual’s life. Also, expert astrologers gain insights into the past, present, future, potentiality and personality of a man or a woman. In a country like India, astrologers match Kundli of a would-be bride and groom before marriage to check astrological compatibility between the two through the verification of 36 gunas.
Benefits of Kundli:
Kundli is the blueprint of our life, according to Vedic Astrology. It contains specific details of our life governing education, marriage, wellness, status, children, career, etc. Interestingly, one can also learn about the time frame of the important life events of their life. Kundli is the mirror of one’s character, nature, personality, vice and virtue as well. How the person will grow up to be can be interpreted by the astrologers through the principles of Vedic Astrology.
Your Kundli also helps you realise your career path or the most suitable profession in the long run.
Analysis of the Kundli can also reveal the auspicious and inauspicious events that can take place in an individual’s life. One can use this information to forge ahead in their life wisely and take necessary measures to prepare for the unfavourable times. If any fatal incident is highlighted in your Kundli, you can take all the appropriate precautions. Similarly, the impact of any malefic planets on your birth-chart can be interpreted from your Kundli as well. Thus, Vedic Astrology is useful to provide a detailed insight into key events of your life.
The Kundli matching also remains a powerful tool for deciding about the suitability of uniting a boy and girl in marriage. The study of their Kundalis, done individually and together, can reveal the level of their mutual compatibility as life partners. And this can act as a guide in deciding about their marital bond.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Janam Kundli?
Janam Kundli is the map of one's life. It's also called the Birthchart, the Natal Chart, Janampatri, or Horoscope chart. Kundli or birth chart is used by the astrologers to predict the critical events that will occur in one's life.
What is the most important Guna in Kundli matching?
The moon's placement in the prospective bride and groom's horoscope is the most crucial factor in Kundli matching. The higher the number of compatible gunas, the more ideal the match is supposed to be. A total of 36 gunas are considered as the best match.
What is the Lagna chart?
A map or diagrams that represents the planetary positions in various signs. Vimsottari dashas & Gochar, along with this chart, is used to depict or denote future events in one's life.

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