Pricing Policy

  1. At Mera Astro, the pricing is dependent on the services provided. We provide a plethora of services ranging from chats, calls & obtaining reports from astrologers along with offering a certified pandit to perform a ritual or ceremony or any other auspicious occasion. The price is quoted by the individual astrologer/ pandit/ expert. The services obtained from the professional again depends on duration of service.
  2. At Mera Astro, we provide you the best services at the most reasonable price. We have the topmost experts with us and you can be assured that our pricing is the best in the market.
  3. All our portals are technology driven and in spite of our efforts in ensuring price accuracy, there may be errors sometimes. In such cases, we will cancel your booking and notify you of your cancellation. In genuine cases of software glitches and errors, we will also issue refunds if deemed fit.
  4. If the price of any service purchased by you is reduced subsequently, we will not adjust or accommodate the sale price for you for that particular purchase. In case of services booked for a specific date, it will not be possible to reschedule the date and the same will result in cancellation of the order.
  5. All services provided by Mera Astro are offered by UA Vision Private Limited. Hence, we shall hold the right to refuse to sell any service/product to anyone who we believe or find to be misusing the services at any given point of time.
  6. Please feel free to reach us at [email protected] for any clarifications.


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