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We at Mera Astro ("We" or "" or “UA Vision Private Limited”) give unequivocal importance to your private/confidential information. This privacy policy outlines our usage of the information you provide and is a mirror of our commitment to protect the privacy of our users and clients.

1. Personal Information collected

At the time of registration, Mera Astro collects personal information of the user including name, date of birth, place, residence, phone number, email ID etc. This is requested in order to calculate a precise and accurate horoscope and provide the users with the necessary astrological analyses. Along with your phone number and email ID, your password and the OTP generated are used to verify and secure your account and enable us to send emails and SMS to you including administrative notices and communication. By providing such personal information and accepting this privacy policy, you agree to receive such information. Mera Astro guarantees the confidentiality and privacy of the user information obtained to the extent possible under all legal and statutory requirements. We do not sell or rent our users’ personal information and also guarantee that no direct or indirect use of the same will be made by us except for the purpose of making the horoscope and analyzing the same and providing the charts and predictions to the user. By accepting this privacy policy, you also give Mera Astro permission to record all your calls and chats to astrologers and customer support team to ensure quality and also to keep a check on any untoward/ impermissible activity.

2. Usage tracking, device information and cookies

We also track and collect information related to the usage of our apps and website. Other types of information include the location of the devices, IP addresses, usage time of the app and websites etc. This would enable us to gather information related to the clients’ preferences, analyze general demographic trends and diagnose issues with our software, server or websites. If permission is granted by the permitted by the user, we also make use of technology toto collect data and store information on the user’s computer while the user is browsing our website. This is done so as to enable us to remember useful information and tailor the users’ future visits to the website according to their preferences.

3. Payment information and security

All payment related information on our portal are collected by third party payment gateways in a secure manner. We do not store any such information We ensure that we comply with industry standards and follow standard procedures required to safeguard your data and prevent unauthorized access to your information. Also, bear in mind that despite all safety precautions and steps, it is possible for us or other portals to completely eliminate all risks.

4. Usage of information collected

The information collected by us as mentioned in point 1 above will be used for research and development, product analysis, user behavior analysis, marketing and also to enhance the user experience. The anonymity of the user will be maintained for such purposes. This information is also used to provide various services on the app such as horoscope generation, future prediction, horoscope analysis, astrology content, astrologer reports, answers to various queries, numerology reports, palmistry reports etc. Relevant details required for providing the services will be shared with the astrologer as shared by the user. As mentioned in point 2 above, if permitted by the user, we track the IP address and location of the user and save cookies on their devices to record certain data pertaining to the usage of the portal by the user. This is done so as to enable us to remember useful information and tailor the users’ future visits to the website according to their preferences. We may also use this data to track visitor traffic and usage, to monitor demographic trends, to provide customized browsing experience, to fix any glitches or software issues, to help remember information on your devices so as to avoid re-entering the same next time and to provide an improved user experience. All information collected by Mera Astro may be retained by Mera Astro for such period and such purposes as may be required such a compliance and regulatory purposes, tax purposes, evidentiary purposes and other relevant purposes to enable seamless experience of the use of our portals and for settlement of any disputes.

5. Others

Our website or applications may contain links to other portals or you may arrive at our portal through links on other websites. Mera Astro is not responsible for the privacy practices followed by other such portals. MeraAstro shall bear no responsibility for the advice obtained by you from our platform. We provide a platform to bring together astrologers, pandits and customers who wish to connect with each other. We do not guarantee the accuracy of predictions or forecast made by the astrologers.

6. Contact Us

In case of any concerns related to the aforementioned privacy statement, the practices of this portals, or your dealings with this application, you can contact us at [email protected]

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