Refund And Cancellation Policy

The management of has the sole discretion against refunds and cancellation policy. Any and all refunds and cancellation will only be made after due consideration of the situation and circumstances by the management,

Please note that any recharge made to the wallet, will have to be used in full and will not be refunded to the bank account of the user in any circumstance. The wallet balance has lifetime validity and will not be subject to refunds. And refunds for services will be made to the User wallet and not to the bank account of the user.  

Please note that once your order against reports/call & chat services is assigned to the concerned astrologer, we shall not be able to process your refund request.

There is no provision for refunds in cases related to incorrect data entered by the customer. Hence, we advise to exercise caution while filling out the details

Kindly bear in mind that the reports ordered from our app are customized & drawn manually by our astrologers, owing to which there could a be possibility of delays at times. We mostly aim to deliver within the timeframe mentioned on our website.

The reports, charts and services offered by should not be in any way considered as replacement/alternative to any philosophical, emotional or medical treatment. It is offered here as a service. No refunds will be processed on this ground for the astrological service from Mera Astro.

All refunds will be made after deducting the transaction charges levied by the bank and/or the payment gateway, the cost of shipping or courier charges (back and forth), customs duty and / or any other charges that may have been borne by in processing and/or delivering the service, as applicable.

Multiple payments against the same order will be refunded in full (without deducting transaction charges on the duplicate payments), after retaining the cost of a singular order.

All refunds for call/ chat will be made after retaining the charges for 1 minute or more as deemed necessary after due consideration by Mera Astro.

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